Top 5 best working girl looks

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Ciao dearies,

In today’s blog post I am telling you about my top 5 favorite spring / summer working girl outfits! Of course every type of job asks for another type of outfit but with this blog I hope to give you some inspiration concerning working girl outfit basics.

Outfits above are pretty basic and I think these looks are great for various jobs. An office job in a corporate company or in a more fun and informal company. In my opinion the best working girl outfit consists out of good basics or well thought combinations of basics and one or perhaps two statement items!

Read on for a better view on the outfits and let me know what you think of my top 5 best working girl looks 🙂


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top 5 working girl outfits dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana nederlandse mode blog sarandipity2

The first outfit is from blogger With Love from Kat she looks gorgeous in this more classical working girl outfit. The pantalon looks great on her. Kat spices up the work outfit with a very delicate top with a little bit of decollete, accessories and her pointed pumps!

The second outfit, all white with black details is great when it’s high summer and you work in an informal company. Or something in Fashion 😉 This jumpsuit looks really sophisticated and I personally love it!  Unfortunately I could not quiet figure out the original source of this photo. I got it from…

top 5 working girl outfits dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana nederlandse mode blog sarandipity3

The last three looks, with the first being really classical but for some companies this might not be formal enough. I however really like it. Seeing this look from the gorgeous Yara Michels (owner of Chapter Friday) I immediatly think of a journalist or an event hostess. This outfit has a pretty french / nautical feeling for me and I like it a lot!

Outfit four I have seen in a older post from In this post it was all about smart fashion and work wear. This look is a typical outfit when you work in a formal company. Business chic, nothing casual about this look, or perhaps the open heels are… I really like this outfit but I would like to spice it up a little more by wearing a statement clutch and a nice detail like a scarf or necklace.

Now for the last outfit, I like the idea behind the look, playing with color within a pretty formal look. But I think the bag might be a little bit to much! I would wear this outfit with a small black bag matching the shoes. This outfit was first seen on Chicisimo.

My favorite look is for sure the outfit from With Love from Kat! Kat is a really stylish person and she looks gorgeous in everything she wears. During my search for this blogpost I discovered her blog and I can tell you that I started following her as I wanted to see more!

What do you think of this working girl outfits and do you have any favorite type of looks for when you go to work?!


  1. (Retro) Sonja May 1, 2015

    Leuk idee voor een post! Inderdaad allemaal heel stylish en business chic!

  2. Chiclifestyleofewelina May 1, 2015

    I like all of them. Really classy looks.

    Happy Friday


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