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Ciao dearies,

May is here and I have a pretty big to do list and a list with goals for this month. So today I want to share my ‘To do in May’ with you all! I have a lot of things I am planning to do and I hope that by sharing this list with you all I have an extra push to really do the things I have on my To do list!

In March I submitted my blog to the chamber of commerce. Because I wanted to do more with all the things I have learned from having my own blog / little online magazine for which I do everything myself (except for making photos of myself ;)). So in this month I want to do more with the fact that my blog is my own business. I already have two companies which whom I will be working together. For one company (BL’QE Geneve) I will be doing sales and for another company (within 3D printed jewelry) I will do various things. Good things are coming! 🙂

Besides work and my own business I would also like to learn new things starting from this month. I am going to pick up my Italian language learning again and I hope to do some online courses within marketing, SEO and journalism.

Read on for the other things on my ‘To do in May’ list!


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Besides wanting to do more within in my own company and learning different new things (or getting better in things I already know partially) I also want to do more stuff that relaxes me.

One of the things that really make me feel good and make me lose track of time is reading. So I made myself a goal of reading 5 books during May. One of them is definitely going to be the first Game of Thrones book that takes me way to long so I think I should definitely finish that one during this month!

I also want to catch up with some series but this is less of a priority I think haha 😉

Also I want to learn how to plan things better, I want to learn to blog ahead for at least a week and I want to learn to make time for sharing my blogs. Another thing I hope to become better at is a schedule for my house hold. I think from now on Monday is laundry day.

Last but not least I need to do some shopping in May! Here is a little overview of my to do list for this month:

  • Get more assignments for my company
  • Blog every day
  • Start learning Italian (again)
  • Learn more about SEO, Marketing & Journalism
  • Read 5 books
  • Catch up with favorite series
  • Find my blogging rhythm
  • Make a schedule for household tasks
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Shopping!

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