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Hello loves,

It’s mother’s day today and therefore I would like to tell you all something about my mom. Or maybe something about how I love my mom and how I adore her! An ode to my mom…. As you can read in the quote above (from Carly Fiorina) my mom taught me about inspiration and courage. At the moment of writing this blog my mom is actually living one of her dreams, travelling through Peru for a good cause.

My mom stayed at home for a long time of me and my brother’s childhood and was always there. When we grew older she had the opportunity to start working again in something which she loved. She began her career and grew up to do more at the school she works at and she started working more hours. I think it gave her a bunch of new self-esteem and I saw how much she enjoys her work. So much that sometimes when she is suffering from migraines she still tries to go to work.

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One time I stayed at home for a night and on her way to work the next day she dropped me of at the train station. My father and I already saw, before my mom and I left, that she was suffering from migraines and told her that she should stay home. But she was determined to go to work, she wanted to go to work  because she loves her work. She dropped me of at the train station and we said our goodbyes. Later I heard that she turned back around and went home because the headache was to strong.

I can tell you it’s amazing to see how happy my mom is with her work, but what is even more amazing is that right now she is in Peru! My mom is travelling with a group of wonderful people connected to Pan de vida, an organisation who helps the poorest children in Peru by giving them food and shelter. Or sometimes even by helping them get scholarships to go to university! It’s amazing to see the work they are doing in Peru and I am super proud of my mom who is there helping these 3 weeks. I admire her spirit and her courage to go on this journey without my dad but with my grandma and my aunt.


I am proud and utmost happy for my mom for doing this. Grateful for having you as a mom, mom! <3

(Unfortunately my grandma had to come back earlier due to, what we think, a food poisoning, but she achieved the most important thing which was meeting her sponsor kid!)


  1. Carmen Vecchio May 10, 2015

    Mrs NoOne

  2. Happy (belated) mother’s day! Hope your mom could your ode to her!


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