Sunday Special – Kick off ‘200% jij’

To_Inspire_by_mushirCiao dearies,

As some of you might now I am an applied Psychologist and I sometimes talk to you about the way I see fashion. If you did not know this yet or so far you have not read about my fashion x psychology ideas please read my ‘About me‘ and the blogpost of last week for more background information.

So as I have this big passion for both fields I have wanted to combine my two passions for a very long time. And as I have been thinking for this for a while now, I am just going to do it and see where it takes me. Let’s make some dreams come true 🙂

What am I going to do than? And what am I talking about exactly? Read on after the read more button!


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I have always believed in being yourself and doing what you love. But what if you feel like you can be better? That you can feel better and get more out of yourself than you are getting right now… And I am all for that, being YOU for 200%. Being you on the inside for the full 100% and being you on the outside, also for the full 100%! I want to help everyone who is feeling they can do more and be more.

Right now I am working on setting up a coaching en styling program where I am going to help you with being 200% YOU! 100% you on the inside and 100% on the outside. Coaching may be the wrong word though… Just see it as me and you getting to know each other, you getting to know yourself better and finding out where your dreams and potential lies!  Plus I might give you some advice, tips and tricks on how to get where you want to be.

“200% JIJ, 100% jezelf zijn qua innerlijk
en 100% uitstralen wat jij uit wilt stralen!”

As it’s going to be something new, for me and for you, I will start with a free pilot in exchange for an honest testimonial. The contact moments will be one on one but I will start the program in fases. Fase 1 is the free pilot with 3 people, fase 2 is another pilot with again 3 people and in fase 3 everyone can sign up for the program.

I hope to start the pilot within 2 to 3 weeks. Do you want to take part in the pilot program? Just send me an email! On Wednesday I will also put online a giveaway in which 3 people can win the program and they will be able to join whenever they want (during the pilots or later on when the first feedback has been implemented).

I am really really really curious to find out what you think of my idea! So leave me a comment with your opinion 🙂

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