Personal: What I love about being a blogger

things I love about being a blogger
Ciao dearies,

I have been blogging for a pretty long while now and I don’t recall ever writing and telling you about the things I like or what I love about being a blogger.

So here it goes!

Today I am telling you some things I really love about being a blogger. The blogger world is a pretty weird one I think for outsiders and I noticed that some people just don’t seem to get it. Which sometimes it’s funny, but in other situations you also get really annoying questions or even mean comments. Not cool.

But although it’s a unique scene, where everyone ‘knows’ each other but sometimes only from online haha, I feel great to be part of the blogger world! Let me tell you why 🙂


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The first thing I really love about being a blogger is that this is my space on the internet. On this website I can share what I want to share and I am in control… Okay this might sound a bit weird but I am kind of a control freak so it’s pretty awesome that on my blog I can decide and do everything myself. But even better about this, is that I can write about my biggest passions, the things that interest me or things that bother me. This is my creative space and sometimes the place where I go to when I am not feeling so well, or for the very reason to feel better!

Second, thanks to being a blogger I got a lot of new awesome friends! Most bloggers I know are pretty open and so far all of the bloggers I have met have been very kind and nice. As I said the blogger world might be a bit weird, but the people in it are amazeballs! When you meet new bloggers you bond quickly because you have the same interest and you can talk about blogging for a very long while before it gets boring, if it ever gets boring at all 😉

I always love meeting new bloggers and this is why I go to events or why I joined several online groups or fora to meet other bloggers. Meeting new people who understand blogging really makes being a blogger so much more fun!

Another thing I really love about being a blogger is how many opportunities having a blog gave me already. Ever since I started blogging I learned new things about my self and I have developed in so many different things. I got better in styling, I got interested in marketing and PR, I discovered that I am passionate about communication, my photography and photoshop skills got better and I learned some things about coding. Thanks to my blog I got cool opportunities like working for an online community as a community manager, doing a summer internship at an amazing Amsterdam brand (MY ISABELLI) and now I work in a really cool boutique in my own city. Also partly thanks to my blog!

Before I started blogging I never really thought of a career in Fashion… But right now I think a job in the Fashion industry is exactly what I want and what fits me best.

Last but not least – there are way more things that I love about being a blogger – it is amazing to see what can happen if you start a blog and if you do what you love. During the last couple of years so many doors have opened for me and I am super grateful for everything that has come my way thanks to my blog. Blogging might not be as easy as it looks, and blogging (professionally or as a hobby) takes a lot of work. But if you really have a passion for it and love doing it you well get so much out of it! It will truly make you happy and more positive (well at least in my case it does ;)).

Hope you like this post and if you are a blogger please let me know about what YOU love about being a blogger!


  1. Thank you for taking in some true Saranda space.

    • Saranda Walgaard April 6, 2015

      Haha you welcome Inge 😉 Thanks for your comment, hope you liked the blog post!

  2. Alexandra // ILUMUOTI April 6, 2015

    Heel mooi,helemaal waar ook! 🙂

    xx Alex //

  3. Ik vind dit soort posts altijd zo leuk om te lezen omdat het zo bekend voor komt 🙂


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