Personal: No inspiration, then what?

Personal: No Inspiration, then what?

Ciao dearies,

It happens quiet often and it happens to the best of us. Moments where we don’t have inspiration or just have that ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything’ feeling. Well today is such a day for me, but than I figured, why not write about it and tell you what I do to get happy and inspired on days like these!

One of the first things I do when having a day like this is that I clean. I will do some laundry, make sure my environment is tidy enough to work an do stuff. Because in a way, cleaning and doing things in my home makes my head a bit more cleaned up as well. It makes room for new ideas!

And then it is time to get some positive energy and inspiration flowing! What always helps me is to just take some me-time and relax. Pushing never helps in my personal opinion…

Read one to find out what I do on a day like this.


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For me me-time is really important. I tend to skip me-time a lot because I like to be busy and I am not good at doing absolutely nothing. So what I love to do in my personal time is watching series!

Watching series is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love binge watching and I watch tons of different series. Netflix is my hero when it comes to finding new energy and inspiration! I watch girly girly series like Gossip Girl but I also love to watch sifi and fantasy stuff like Supernatural, the 100 and Beauty and the Beast. Of course I love drama as well so Pretty Little Liars, the Fosters and Switched at Birth are also on my watch-list.

Another thing I do to relax is reading. Lately I have been reading magazines a lot more than I have read books. But I started with Game of Thrones book 1 again yesterday and so far I have already read almost 100 pages. Which is a lot in a book which is written in medieval English haha 😉 I hope to finish book 1 before the next GoT season starts this weekend! Wish me luck!

Besides watching series and reading I always have my notebook in front of me on days like this. Because whenever a new idea pops op I need to write it down of course. But notebooks are also good for thinking about fun stuff. Like things you still need to buy for your summer wardrobe, what you are going to buy from your next salary, a wishlist of things you want to do this summer, trying to figure out who A is by writing down every suspicious move when watching the series, you name it… Notebooks are one of the key items for me when I am having an off day.

What is your key item when you have an of day concerning your blog or your work? What do you do to get your positive energy and inspiration going again?

Let me know in a comment down below 🙂