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Ciao dearies,

On Thursday the 12th I went to Amsterdam for an amazing blogger event. Unlimited PR invited me and a bunch of other amazing bloggers to join their UPRDigitalseeds SS2015 tour through Amsterdam and I could not say no to a fun and cool event like this!

In the early morning I was sitting in the train to Amsterdam with some amazing blogger babes like Helen from Beautyill, Femke from Younique, Anne from AnneSolveig and Dagmar from byDagmarValerie. I can tell you, starting a day with these lovely girls around you is amazing, I don’t know if an early morning can get any better!

Behold because this blog is going to be really long but also a lot of fun 😉

Hope you’ll like it!


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Arriving in Amsterdam, starting the day with a hug! ^^


The day began with a very yummy breakfast with LOEI lekkere (MOO yummy in English hehe) yoghurt from the Yoghurt Barn. The breakfast was served at the Every.Day.Counts store in Amsterdam and after breakfast the event started with a presentation about the brand which is fairly new. A while ago, summer 2014, they opened their store in Amsterdam.

every.day.counts is a brand formed by a small group of people with a big heart for fashion. There vision is to simplify fashion by making sure to produce pieces that you not only buy and hang in your wardrobe but that you will actually wear! Good vision isn’t it? every.day.counts says it brings modern simplicity to men’s and womenswear. Well that is exactly what they do!

This brand is transforming classic denim jackets and other essentials into something completely new and fashion forward like a denim jacket with kimono sleeves. I actually fell in love with that piece of their latest collection.

The brand showed us their inspiration for the upcoming season. A lot of the colors used in the Spring Summer collection are natural and earth tones. Also we were told that they try to work with different shapes to create interesting silhouettes.

ever.day.counts showed us with their collection that within fashion, every day counts! You should always try to look your best and this can be done by wearing amazing items like a denim kimono jacket 😉

UPRdigitalseeds every.day.counts

Make every.day.count!

UPRDigitalseeds spring summer 2015 bloggertour Dr Martens tattoo print

After our visit to every.day.counts we went to the Dr. Martens store. At the store we were told about  two different prints new prints, the Daytona print from the Cruise collection and the Hawaiian tattoo print. The Hawaiian tattoo print is inspired by the American Hardcore scene from the 80’s which at that point was inspired by the surf scene as well.

I really loved this particular print you can see above, photos are from the Dr. Martens website.

Next up was Marc O’polo where we got an in store fashion show with items from the latest collection! 11071746_921016961275992_6456345985923539718_n

I am in love with this grey vest and the sunglasses and shoes from Marco O’polo! In our goodiebag was a cream colored tee with a very cool text on it and I decided to show this tee in a fun way.

2-DO LIST: Nothing
And what do you do when you have nothing on your 2-DO LIST? Play fun games like MIKADO! UPRdigitalseeds marc o polo swatch mikado2UPRdigitalseeds marc o polo swatch mikado

In the picture above I am wearing my Marc O’polo tee, WE Fashion necklace and a faux watch by Swatch.

During the Spring / Summer 2015 tour Swatch told us a lot of about their latest collections. We did a quiz about different games as one of the latest collections is based on different games like Mikado (seen above), Monopoly, Operations and Scrabble. The collection is called playroom and is really fun. Another collection was the Red White Blue collection inspired by sailors and surfers. Really really pretty as well! Swatch also told us about one of their upcoming collections which has everything to do with FOOD! Yumm haha.

I really loved checking out the playful watches by Swatch!
11041823_921018137942541_6187471602833877192_n 11048282_921018737942481_941411282517718774_n

From Swatch we went to TOMS, or the other way around, I can’t quiet remember haha 😉
UPR digitalseeds TOMS

TOMS is mostly known for their shoes and their One for One concept. But did you know that TOMS not only sells shoes but that they also sell sunglasses, bags and coffee?

Visiting the TOMS store in Amsterdam was a real experience. Not only all the products look amazing, the store does to! We were welcomed with a very exotic fruit salad and yummy macarons. We were told more about the One for One concept and saw some video presentations about it as well. Amazing to see how much of a difference one can make by shopping at TOMS!

Because with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. By buying shoes you give shoes as well. How? For each purchased pair TOMS gives a kid in need shoes to improve their health and gives them possibilities like education. So far already 35 million kids have gotten shoes thanks to the TOMS One for One initiative! Besides shoes TOMS also helps by giving sight, if you buy the pretty sunglasses TOMS sells somewhere in the world somebody will get a surgery, medical treatments of prescription glasses so they can see better. Since starting with giving sight TOMS has already helped more than 275000 people. And if that is not enough you can help provide safe drinking water buy buying coffee at TOMS.

Amazing isn’t it?!
And look at how pretty the sunglasses from TOMS are…
UPRdigitalseeds TOMS sight giving

Our last stop before the lunch was at M.A.C. Cosmetics. We had a little demonstration all about mascara which was really interesting. So far I have actually never found the perfect mascara but after the presentation we got on of their mascara’s and the one I got is actually pretty amazing!

I got the Mineralize Multi-effect lash mascara and it really does a lot for my eyelashes! This mascara has 77 different minerals as ingredients and also consists out of Shea butter to make my eyelashes soft, flexible and to perfectly separate them. Well, I am hooked! This is for sure a product for which I will l run to the M.A.C. store as soon as it’s finished 😉


Last but not least was a very delicious lunch at the WE Fashion store! We went on a photo for the #DressupThursday. You can see it as the opposite of casual Friday. And I agree with WE, dressing up is fun and is amazing and we should do it a lot! So with Dress Up Thursday we have one day extra to try and be the best version of ourselves we can be… 🙂

By playing with style and fashion, according to WE, it’s easier to overcome Wednesday and to make a little bit of a sprint towards the weekend. As an applied (fashion) psychologist I think this is true in a way! Looking good makes you feel better and maybe you will get some awesome compliments… A perfect way to have an amazing day if you ask me!

But to be honest, I love pajama day as well 😉
05_we_hl04_dressed_up_thursday_bus_all_038-comp-2 02_we_hl04_dressed_up_thursday_atelier_wmn_052#DressupThursday campaign footage. I’m in love with that dress! <3

If you haven’t noticed by now, the UPRDigitalseeds event was really amazing and a lot of fun! I want to thank Unlimited PR and all the different brands for this lovely day 🙂


  1. Alexandra March 26, 2015

    Ahh, leuk verslagje! Die mikado foto van je is helemaal geweldig, haha 😀

    xx Alex // ILUMUOTI.nl


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