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sarandaadrian passion fashion psychology

Ciao dearies,

I have always loved fashion! Not always had it been something I was busy with consciously but looking back at my life I have always been sort of busy with it. Today I am telling you all about my passion for fashion, psychology and my view of Fashion & Psychology.

Because did you know that Fashion and Psychology have much more in common than you might think? There are whole studies about fashion psychology actually…

Hope you will like it! Enjoy and let me know what you think afterwards ^^


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When I was younger my mom used to make clothes for me together with my grandma and I can still remember one special co-ord set they made for me! I think it had Peter Rabbit on it or something else cute looking hehe 😉

Looking back I think that a lot of the time when I was younger I wore things that were different from the crowd. I was experimenting with styles a lot! In my first year of high school I had hot pink cowboy boots for example. I tried to get along with the more popular crowd but I did not have clothes from the popular brands… Remember those Paul Frank tee’s? I did not have them.

In my first two years of highschool I experimented with skater girl kind of looks. Wearing super wide skater pants and a Dickies vest. In my third year I came in contact with the hardcore / ‘gabber’ scene, I already listened to the music but when I got some friends and a boyfriend in that scene I tried to go along with the clothing style as well. It did not make me look pretty I think, looking back, but it made me look tough and I felt like a stronger person as well. When at some point the hardcore style didn’t feel like a match with me anymore I changed styles again. And so my clothing style pretty much turned back to normal. Except for some emo-girl / scene-girl moments…

sarandaadrian passion fashion psychology

So I pretty much experimented with all of the subculture styles out there… I have always been busy with fashion, with my appearance.

And where are we now?

Well since I started blogging I found out my real passion for fashion! That there is more about fashion than only dressing up. I know now that I had been experimenting with my style to feel good, to try to show how I was feeling inside. Something I am still doing, and something I think most people do… Do you?

Because of the fact that I dress according to how I feel I don’t think I have one particular style. I do know now what I want to tell with my outfits. I want my outfits to say that I am a classy lady, whom you should not mess with. So I guess where I am wanting to go to with my style is a classy look with a big splash of fierceness.

Maybe you are wondering why I am talking about this now…
sarandaadriana dutch fashion blogger passion fashion psychology

What I learned over the past years is that style and psychology have much more in common than what a lot of people think. By looking good and feeling good in your outfit you will feel better about yourself as well!

You can show personality by the way you dress, you can communicate by the things you wear. And you can influence the way other people see you by your outfits too.

There is so much more to fashion than meets the eye. And I would love to share that with you! Behind each trend is a science. Behind each OOTD is a feeling, an idea, a personality.


  1. Alexa Land March 30, 2015

    Goede post en leuk dat je de verschillen zo omschrijft.

    • Saranda Walgaard March 30, 2015

      Dankjewel Alexa! Fijn dat je het een leuke blogpost vond 🙂 xxx

  2. Joanne M March 31, 2015

    Leuk geschreven! (En die laatste foto is trouwens heel gaaf)


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