Wednesday Wishlist – Spring

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Ciao dearies,

Today I am going to Rotterdam for a shopping trip with my mom and let’s be honest, being prepared will make shopping a lot more easier and a lot more fun. So I made a little Wednesday wishlist for spring, not specifically for the exact same items as above, but these are somethings I will probably look for today.

On top op my wishlist right now are patent leather chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are totally hot right now and it’s a big plus they are flat and can be worn with almost everything! Perfect shoes for on the go, for at work (which I will hopefully have after upcoming weekend!!!) and for almost every occasion. These boots are timeless and the perfect flat shoes for the in between and summer seasons if you ask me.
Second on my wishlist is a leather jacket with studs, above one is from Maison Scotch and I loved seeing it on blogger babe Britt! Well tomorrow I might look for a look a like, or maybe I’ll find the perfect leather jacket and stud it with a cool pattern myself?! Who knows!

Besides my two top priority things from aboves collage I will probably only be on the look out, maybe, for a new blazer, a colorful skirt and a simple white blouse. Oh and I also need some new sports gear but I have no idea if I will be particularly looking for that today haha. Don’t worry, this is a wishlist for spring, not only for this day and so I won’t go crazy with my shopping bags haha 😉 (Don’t worry mom, see you in a couple of hours! <3)

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