Insta-Sarandipity #5

instagram diary insta-sarandipity dutch fashion blogger

Ciao dearies,

January has been a very hectic month and so has February been so far as well. Although I am not blogging everyday as I wanted to, I am keeping myself busy with a lot of different important stuff and I feel like everything will be organised again soon enough!

January was the month of having amazing shooting dates with babe Britt, welcoming our sweet bengal cat baby, fashionweek of course and important meetings in Amsterdam. A month with a lot of running around involved and with not that much me-time.

February also started pretty hectic with a lot of meetings, job interviews but also some really nice fun things. Like going to the spa with my girlfriends, meeting up for a movieday with other babes and viewing the 50 shades of Grey movie during ‘Ladiesnight’ with the same girlfriends I went to the spa with. Last but not least I got the chance to visit Ghent last weekend together with my boyfriend! Very romantic on V-day, yay! <3

I will tell you more about my trip to Ghent soon… For now check out some of my Instagram shots in this Instagram diary 🙂


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Picture above, from left to right; top to bottom.

1. I won a Christmas giveaway and I got this huge box full of make-up goodies!
2. My favorite sneakers with a very pretty marble floor, I happen to love the marble trend…
3. Selfie with my blogger babe Britt, miss this girl!
4. One of my favorite looks of January, what do you think of this look? Check out the full blogpost 🙂
5. Sweet little bengal cat Blizzard / Nobunaga a.k.a. Nobu, playing with his favorite toy
6. My MBFWA look which I wore when sitting frontrow! 😀
7. Snow in Eindhoven
8. Such a coincidence that I had a nervous – not letting it go – breakdown the day before
9. The march VOGUE has arrived, love the three shoots with power babe / Dutchie Doutzen!

instagram diary insta-sarandipity dutch fashion blogger

Picture above, from left to right; top to bottom.

1. My last look, I am so in love with the shoot result and with this outfit. I would love for my style to transform more into looks like this. What do you think???
2. The ‘Contract’ between the dominant and the submissive, 50 shades of Grey ladiesnight at Pathe in Rotterdam with my girls.
3. I discovered a super cute concept store in Eindhoven while shooting with babe Britt
4. The story about how my love and I met was in the Valentinesday Fashionista, a bit romanticized though but who cares 😉
5. The beautiful city of Ghent, soon my travel story will be online!
6. Valentines day collage
7. Selfie in the Ibis hotel in Ghent, waking up with a very sunny sky and feeling super relaxed, yay, just what I needed!
8. A sponsored item came in, this time protective glasses to wear during computer stuff, e-glasses from Polette. Soon a review and or outfit will be online.
9. Ending with a lovely view over Ghent from the Belfry, Belfort tower in the city center.

So far my personal update and instagram diary again. Let me know what you think and if you have any jobhunt tips: let me know!