Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist - Daniel Wellington, Noosa Amsterdam,, Kurt Geiger,, KarmaMantra, MAC Cosmetics

Ciao dearies,

Christmas is coming closer and closer so I decided to make a little Christmas Wednesday Wishlist! 🙂 First of all I would love to have a sparkly holiday outfit for New Years with a matching pair of heels. So I picked this cute playsuit from, out of stock right now :(, and the pumps with golden stars from KG Kurt Geiger (through !

As make-up you can go for a berry red lipstick but personally I would love to add a little bit of pink / nude colors to the look so I picked up two nice Limited Edition holiday sets from MAC! Find these items on and order before they are sold out 🙂

I love accessories with a meaning and so I am in love with all the products os NOOSA Amsterdam. At the moment they have a new collection which has a more raw and edgy feel because of all the studs. This bag is one of their newest items from the Studded collection and I just love it! You can personalize NOOSA Amsterdam products by picking different chunks to put on a bag, belt, purse or bracelet. All the chunks have a meaning so you can tell your story and pick chunks which have a deeper meaning to you.

The silver Coexist bangle from KarmaMantra also has a lovely meaning. A perfect bracelet in light of the Christmas spirit if you ask me! This bangle has symbols of different religions and beliefs in it and stands for friendship and living together although there are differences between these religions. I have always been really interested in different religions and their rules / stories, so for me this bangle is a real musthave!

Last but not least are the gorgeous timeless watches from Daniel Wellington, I think you all know them and well, I think everybody loves this brand! The watches are just gorgeous and have the perfect amount of fashion and functionality together. In my eyes you can never go wrong with such a classy and timeless piece like one of these watches. What do you think? Get yourself one at

Of course Christmas is not about gifts, but a girl can dream right?! My biggest wish right now actually is to find my dreamjob and to be able to add a cat and a dog to my family hihi. What is your biggest Christmas wish?


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