Friday Favorites – favorite make-up products


Ciao dearies,

A couple weeks ago, I think it’s about two or three weekends ago already. I went on a make-up workshop together with my mom, a really good friend of mine and her mom. At parfurmerie MOOI we learned all about a good base for your make-up and we learned a lot about eye make-up.

The workshop was super interesting and I could not leave empty handed! For the first time ever I found the perfect foundation for my fall / winter skintone and I am so happy with all the items I got.

So today I am going to show them to you in my friday favorites. All my currently favorite make-up products will be featured here in this blogpost. Plus I will tell you a bit about the product itself!

Read along for the full blogpost 🙂


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Starting with a good base for your make-up, this foundation does it for me! It’s perfect for my mixed skin, I only need just a little bit to blend it in perfectly and I also don’t even have to use it on my whole face! Just the spots with some color differences actually, like my cheeks with freckles (which I love) and red spots (which I obviously don’t). To be fair, for an event out I will put it over my whole face just because I feel a bit more comfortable that way. But for a normal day I won’t. I apply this foundation with a brush as well (never done that with other foundations before) and I feel like it is more economical this way as well. Furthermore the packaging looks amazing, luxurious and the foundation has a hygienic pump system which gives you the right amount right away.

Yes as you can read, I am hooked!


Second is this gorgeous blush by Chanel! I have a lot of blushes, because I love how a good blush can make your skin glow. But this is the first one with just the right amount of pigmentation. I can actually use it on different parts than my cheeks as well because it’s very light and gives you that little amount of glow that I am talking about.

Definitely a keeper this one! And the packaging is perfect if you ask me! 🙂  Friday-Favorites-beauty-products-makeup-sarandipity-sarandaadriana-fashion-blog-w7-inthebuff-5

Next up the Naked 3 dupe by W7. An item I already wanted to try out for a long time and now I got it. As you can see I already used it a couple times and so far I am really happy with these eyeshadows!

Last but not least, and not really a make-up product, is this stress relief serum from Rituals. I can not really say a lot about it yet but so far I am pretty happy. The serum is pretty cool on your skin and I love the fragrance. If I know more I will let you know. Maybe even in a large review if it really helps!

So I hope you liked this post. It is a bit different than a normal blogpost on my blog. And as you can see I have some practice to do for making these kind of product photos haha.

Looking forward to hear your opinion about this blogpost and maybe about these products!