Loving leather – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi, buon giorno!

Since I am already back in Holland for almost three weeks I already shot some outfits with my dear blogger babe Britt again. Today I want to show you the first outfit of this Amsterdam series, all photos are made around the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. It’s a look that fits this weather perfectly. My overall attire in this outfit is more fall-ready haha. In this outfit the focus is on my flowy oversized top and my leather boots.

These boots from DUO are amazing and fit just perfectly. The calves are not to wide which is the problem I mostly had when buying knee-high-boots like this ones. Besides that they just look gorgeous and I love the wooden heel. The heels are pretty high but someway DUO managed it to make it look easy to wear these beauties. And it’s actually not that hard as I thought it would be. I still need to walk some more in them but they already fit pretty comfortable. I am so in love with them! My guess is that I will be wearing them a lot this winter! 😀

As you can see we had a lot of fun shooting this look, the location was wonderful and I felt super comfortable in this look. This look matches my personality so well I think, it’s playful, casual chic, with a hint of fierce & sexyness.

I am wearing: top from Expresso, tanktop H&M, jeans Noisy May, DUO leather boots (thanks to DUO & Fresh Communications), necklace from KarmaMantra, watch from IKKI, braceletes from BLQE Geneve and Noosa Amsterdam.

What do you think of this look and the shooting location? Let me know in a comment! loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity5 loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity9
loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity1 loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity8
loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity6 loving-leather-heels-boots-fashion-outfit-ootd-sarandipity7
Photos by Bloggerbabe Britt