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Firenze, the city that stole my heart… Firenze is a must visit city when you are in Italy, but it’s a pretty big city with lots of stuff to do! This blogpost will be your travel guide to visit Firenze in 48 hours! I’ll tell you my personal highlights and the most important things to see. Next week I’ll come up with a travel guide for when you have some more hours as well, so stay tuned if you want to know more after this Travel Thursday blogpost!

So what to do and how to visit Firenze in 48 hours only? I can already tell you, you will not be able to see everything, because that is quite impossible haha. But with this guide you will know which museums are a must visit and how to make the most of your stay.

Read on for the full guide and my ultimate Firenze tips!


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Firenze in 48 hours, your first day

Arrive as early in the morning as possible, because you will need every hour in Firenze! Most of the things are in walking distance which is a good thing because you will want to see a lot of different things! When you arrive at a Saturday walk to the Duomo and visit the Cathedral, it’s Cupola or maybe the bell tower,  as soon as you arrive. Massive lines form quickly when the tour to the Cupola opens! The line for the bell tower is smaller and if you only want to check out the view this is a great alternative. If you however want to see the magical fresco in the Duomo’s Cupola, go for that option. The bell tower is impressive but the experience does not even come close to visiting the Cupola if you ask me.

After visiting the Duomo and it’s Cupola go for a walk in the direction to Santa Croce. Santa Croce has a lovely piazza and visiting this church is totally worth it’s while. A must visit! Here you will find the tombs of famous Italians like Michelangelo, which is really impressive.

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After visiting Santa Croce on your first day walk towards the Arno and cross the river by one of the many bridges. On the other side of the river walk up the hills to visit Piazza Michelangelo. Here you will find a bronze version of the David statue and you will have a gorgeous view over the whole city and the villages and mountains surrounding Firenze. Here it is the perfect spot to have lunch or a couple of snacks.

Since you are already at the other side of the river and on the hill now it is a great time to stroll around at Palazzo Pitti and it’s pretty gardens. When you are done walk back down and cross the Ponte Vecchio. A very special bridge where you can view the most amazing golden jewelry and make some really pretty pictures!

It will probably be late in the afternoon now so let’s find a nice spot to eat. My personal favorite place was Ristorante Boccadama at Piazza Santa Croce (which was also my favorite piazza to hang out with friends in the evening). After dinner leave the piazza on the main road to the right and walk towards Via Giuseppe Verdi numero 36/r. Here you will find Pino’s Sandwhiches. But Pino sells a lot more than sandwiches! At Pino’s place you will find a huge collection of good wines, balsamic vinegar and olive oils. If you don’t have other evening plans ask Pino about the Degustazione di vino, which is really good and very interesting!

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Firenze in 48 hours, your second day

Get up early (around 7 / 7:30) and go to the Uffizi gallery. The Uffizi is a big museum which houses an enormous collection of gorgeous art. I would say this museum is a MUST VISIT during your Firenze in 48 hours adventure! Here you will find some very famous pieces which are really worth the visit. Make sure to be standing in line on time though, or reserve tickets up front (so you can sleep a little bit longer if you need to)… The museum opens around 8:15 and this is also a good time to be standing in line. This way you will be one of the first to go in and you can take your time. Keep in mind that this museum can really be time consuming if you are going to check out every piece of art and read every description. At least give yourself 2 hours the time to walk around, around 3 hours would be perfect.

After such a huge walk you can use a good lunch! Take your time to find a nice spot and in the mean time stroll around the city. Check out all the pretty piazza’s and enjoy the street artists (music/art/younameit). After you have had lunch walk towards the station via the Santa Maria Novella church. You can visit the church right now but I suggest you visit the old pharmacy first! You will find this gorgeous looking pharmacy in the street across the piazza, walk to the right on the right side of the street and you will find it.

After all this sightseeing (there is a lot to see in Firenze in 48 hours haha) I think you deserve some shopping, right?! So now it’s time to visit some lovely stores! If you are a Dutchie, make sure to visit the Sephora since we don’t have that here anymore 😉 Other stores really worth your visit are La Rinascente (a big department store), the Guess by Marciano store, the store from, Patrizia Pepe and ofcourse Gucci!

For dinner I suggest you go to Il Pizzaiuolo (the pizza baker). Il Pizzaiuolo is a lovely restaurant where you will find some delicious pizza’s (duh)! Afterwards walk a while to find the best gelato in town at La Carraia (Piazza Nazario Sauro). Finish your 48 hours in Firenze by wandering around the streets in the late evening. You will find live music on the streets and you will love it!

Don’t forget to document as much as possible during your visit to Firenze in 48 hours, because you will want to look at all your pictures a lot! Firenze is a wonderful city and the chances are big that you WILL fall in love with the city, like I did.

If you are thinking of staying longer than 48 hours in Firenze, stay tuned! In the upcoming weeks I will give you more Firenze tips!

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