Personal: Happy Challenge week #6


Hi dearies,

I am here with a new Happy Challenge blogpost! 😀 It’s super early and lucky me I am still waking up! But the new blogpost is online and I am trying to get back into a good routine! Today I am not only sharing a new Happy Challenge blogpost with all of you, I am also starting at H&M as a Sales Advisor!! Yay, I am pretty excited and a little bit nervous as well hihi.

Today’s Happy Challenge is all about adding some positive habits to your life. Habits that are good for you, make you happy and keep you in a positive spirit!

Here are some of the positive habits I am trying to fit into my life, hope you like it 🙂


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Smile more…

I have always been a fun and happy person but at times when I am a bit down, stressed out or just not feeling good I sometimes tend to get irritated with everything and everyone around me. I don’t like this but for me it is a way of spilling my inner stress or something. Maybe if I smile more when I feel like this, I will start to feel better as well. I noticed when I smile I tend to think that thinks are not really as bad as the seemed a moment earlier… For example “that little girl isn’t so annoying although she is crying, she is actually really cute” (recent true-story haha).

Do more of what makes ME happy

If I would have been in the movie Divergent I probably would have been in Abnegation, or I would have been Divergent… But I tend to always please and satisfy others well not always paying attention to my own (mental and physical) health. By doing and thinking about this Happy Challenge assignments I figured out that I should think and do more of the things that make ME happy. So that’s why (it’s not the only reason, but a big one though) I am going to learn Italian in Italy in September! 2,5 weeks of only thinking about myself and doing what I want to do! I can not wait!! 🙂

Focus more on the positive and be grateful

I can be a pain in the ass for my boyfriend. Sometimes I am so pessimistic while I can not complain. Although I did not have a real job until today I still managed to pay my rent and everything and that is a gift. I am not suffering from huge health issues, I have healthy parents, a healthy boyfriend and a healthy brother. We are happy, together, we do fun stuff, we laugh, we cry together and we care about each other a lot!  Maybe I should focus more on all those great things and be more grateful! For more about being grateful tune in next week on Monday for the next Happy Challenge post which will be all about being grateful!

happy challenge good new positive habits

Get more structural

Lately I have been super chaotic and I think that that has affected my blog, my work at My Isabelli and my personal life a lot. With this new job coming up I want to get more structure into my daily life. For example a set alarm everyday at 8:30 and going to bed around 00:00 everyday. Maybe even a little bit of a schedule for my blogging moments, my moments for shooting outfits and everything. I think it will be for the best if I get more organised…

Working out and liking it 😉

Since a couple of months I am going to the gym 3 times a week. At first I did not like it that much but bit by bit I am starting to like it! I love seeing the progress I am making and I hope it will also make me feel better during fall & winter.. Because that’s a period where I tend to have a lot of headaches due to my weak core, back and shoulder muscles. We’ll see. For now I will keep training as much as possible to get a better posture and to get stronger!

Don’t forget to join the Happy Challenge if you liked this blog post, I am sure you will really like the assignments!

What would be positive habits you would like to adapt to your lifestyle?