Friday Favorites: Sunglasses


Hi dearies,

Sunglasses are probably THE ultimate fashion accessory during summer times. First of all, you just NEED them because else you get blinded by the sunshine and second of all they come in tons of different styles and shapes!

Yay for sunglasses! Today I want to share some of my favorite sunglasses with you. To be honest I can never have enough sunnies! They are easy to take with you, easy to switch, sunglasses can upgrade your total look and they have a nice effect one your overall appearance.

That is also the reason why I tend to have a lot of different types of sunglasses in my collection. For example the first one on the picture above is a more fierce, casual type of sunglasses, which is perfect to spice up a simple look. Also I just love the mirrored glasses! This aviator type sunglasses is from Marma London, sponsored by bckspace | eyewear.

Another one of my favorites is my VANS cat-eye glasses. Super low-maintenance, easy to take with me everywhere and one that matches with almost every outfit. I got this one from Ganbaroo and I have worn them a lot (understatement) since that day.

I also still have my golden oldie from VOGUE eyewear which has a HUGE jet-set feel to it if you ask me… And last but not least the pink sunnies I wrote about earlier from AM Eyewear. Sophisticated, chic and different, I love it!

Which one of these sunglasses do you love best?


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