Pretty please: Zalando Blogger Awards 2014

sarandipity zalando blogger awards 2014 amsterdam fashion week

Hi everyone,

Just a short blogpost this early morning. I want to ask you all for a favor, which I normally pretty much hate to do but hey, this would be so darn cool haha! You might have already seen some other bloggers who are nominated for the Zalando Blogger Awards. I am not going to say I am nominated, since I do not see it that way.. But… You can vote for me! And hell, I might win if everyone is going to help me. Personally I think my chances are pretty low but one can always try.

So here is the deal, by filling in a simple form on the Zalando website HERE, you can vote for me. Just copy & paste my url:, and leave your own info. By doing this you can even win €500 shopping money at Zalando yourself.

Cool right?

Pretty pretty please help me with a little bit of your time by voting and I would be forever grateful! Thank you all in advance!

Loads of love & kisses,

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