Personal: Happy Challenge week #4

happiness happy challenge sarandipity change
Hi there!

Today I want to talk to you about the fourth Happy Challenge assignment. This one is all bout the things I want to change in my life and why. The challenge this week is to find 3 things I want to change and with that 3 things you would want to give up for that.

The thing is that you need to make space, time and energy for the things that you do want in your life and you need to leave the things that only take up space, time and energy behind.

Well let’s see what I want to change 🙂 Read one for the full blogpost.


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What I want more of in my life…


I want to get more fit toned and I want to get rid of vague complaints like headache. I already started working out and I am feeling better lately so I think I am moving into the right direction with this change 😉 happiness happy challenge sarandipity change health

Figuring out WHAT I want to do…

A lot of bloggers and other people around me have a dream and I think that I just have to many. I want to do so much amazing things. I want my blog to grow, I want to start as a freelance writer, I want to start my own company and with that I want to do many other things as well. Aargh decisions decisions. It’s time for me to figure out what I want to do (can be multiple things) and structure this. I really feel like I need to have a sort of plan of attack how I am going to achieve the things I want to achieve.


I love being optimistic and happy all the time, who doesn’t haha, But I know that sometimes I can be a bit down and pessimistic. I just want to be able to convert lesser cool stuff into a little bit more of a positive outcome. Looking on the brighter side of things!
happiness happy challenge sarandipity change rain rainbow positivity
Things I want to spend less energy & time on:
Negativity… Naturally if I want to become more positive I need to leave a bunch of negativity behind me! Second of all I want to spend less time doing nothing. That sounds weird, but with doing nothing I mean refreshing facebook all the time while not doing something for me (something that relaxes me or something that I love to do) and also while not doing something useful. Basically I want to be more aware of time and organize this in a way that I can truly relax and that I can work efficient as well. Last but not least I want to be able to let go a bit more. I can be a huge control freak and I am a perfectionist as well. I think I should learn that sometimes you just don’t have all the controls and that it’s okay to make little mistakes.
happiness happy challenge sarandipity change

What would you want to change in your life? 🙂