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Good morning!

Last weekend I went back to Rotterdam for a super awesome event that I already told you about a while ago. It was finally time for the big ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event! I went up early and took the train to Rotterdam Centraal. During the trainride I had a lot of fun while chatting with fellow fashion blogger Lisa from LittleBlonde.

After arriving at the train station I met up with the lovely Nathalie and Joyce, as we would all be helping Jolique and May during the day we had to go quickly because we were running a bit late.

After arriving Nathalie and me immediately got set up to check out all the entree tickets and tell the arriving guests everything they needed to know 🙂

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ilovefashionbloggers nhow hotel rotterdam

As soon as everyone was inside we went upstairs to follow the programm. The Q&A session with top fashion bloggers and powerwomen Linda Tol, Yara Michels (former This Chick’s got Style, now Chapter Friday) and Negin Mirsalehi started! It was such an inspiration listening to these women. Everyone started small, even these top notch bloggers who totally made it! I am not at all exaggerating when I am saying that all of these three women are as an example for me and that I admire them for their mindset and hard work.

I think that the most important lessons I learned during this inspirational Q&A was that you need to reinvest the money you can make with your business. At first you won’t have pleasure trips and massive shoppings. You need to focus on developing your business first. Besides that I learned to start experimenting with my blog to find a niche. Well let’s give that a try sometime.

Thanks to the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A I met with a couple of my sources of inspiration and it was just great! Let’s work on making those dreams come true. If they can do it, I can too, and if I can, you can make yours come true as well! In two words; passion & dedication! <3

Check out some photos of the event below.

Have a lovely day,
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Totally concentratednegin-mirsalehi-ilovefashionbloggersThe gorgeous Negin Mirsalehi ^^

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With the blogger babes

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Together with it-girls Negin, Linda & Yara