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Hi everyone,

Around Valentinesday I saw a cute blogpost on and I decided to do something like this as well. Not exactly the same, since her post was about 15 random things she loves. I am going to tell you about some more things I love in a couple of themes. First op, Fashion of course!! <3 

  1. Pastels! I am in love with pastels, mostly pink and blue. These colors are just so easy to style!
  2. Skater skirts, I love them and I still need to buy me one, or two, or three 😉
  3. Haute Couture and other fashion shows, oh how I wish I could visit every Fashion Week
  4. The pantone color of this year, Radiant Orchid! <3  
  5. Fedora hats, still looking for the perfect fedora for me ^^
  6. Chanel, Balenciaga, Céline, Vlieger & van Dam, I am talking about it-bags!
  7. Faux fur, I love things that are hug-able hihi
  8. Black and white, what is not to love about that <3

Want to know more about the things I love? I also wrote down my love for things withing beauty and lifestyle. 


Beauty loves:
  1. Creamy eyeshadow! I love the color tattoo’s from Maybelline
  2. Lipsticks, I am a huge lipstick collector, reds, pinks, plums everything ^^
  3. Sauna masks from Montange Jenesse, probably my favorite mask…
  4. Trying new skincare, yesterday I bought a new product from Clinique, the superdefense spf20 moisturizer
  5. Swatching new items in the drugstores hihi <3
  6. Massages! 
Lifestyle loves:
  1. Waking up early and actually start doing stuff asap, which I most of the times don’t do <– note to self: I should get more productive 🙂
  2. Having a breakfast with baked buns, croissants and a boiled egg. Yumm!! ^^
  3. Travelling, oh how I wish I’d be on an airplane like right now haha
  4. Summer, feeling the sun on my skin, I love it
  5. Cleaning up my beauty inventory, I love the trance you can get in if you are cleaning up
  6. Akita Inu’s <3 
  7. Orchid’s, in my humble opinion some of the most beautiful flowers in the world ^^
  8. Watching tv series, starting with new tv series. I think this is one of my addictions haha
  9. Surfing, I love to surf although I am not quite that good yet but it’s just super awesome!
  10. Photography
  11. Baking, although I don’t like most pies I love baking homemade apple pie (which I do love to eat haha) or special stuff like Pandan Cake or Terang Bulan! <3
  12. Making lists, to do lists for example
  13. Listening to music, nothing as relaxing as listening to music ^^
  14. Blogging, of course!
  15. Spending time with family, friends, fellow bloggers, readers, like-minded people. 
What do you think of this list?