Trend report: Timeless Leather

Timeless Leather

Hi everyone!

The weekend is almost over again and since it’s sunday it was time for a trend report! Today it’s all about timeless leather! Leather items are always good and this season, you can wear a lot of leather items! Not only jackets, pants, bags and gloves, but also skirts, tops and accessories! 

Since leather is timeless everyone should have some leather items in their closet, at least I think so haha (some faux leather items are fine as well, but the quality is most of the times not that good or just very bad…) 

From the moodboard above I top right sweater (must have it!!), the wallet / clutch bag and the leather skirt on the right are my favorites! What are yours? Let me know in a comment! 

Sweet dreams for now! xoxo Saranda

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