New in: OPSobjects Gold Attraction bracelet


Hi everyone,

Maybe you still remember the blogpost about the OPS! Bracelets, I wrote a while ago?  If not you can read it here: OPS! Bracelets from Italy 

I was so enthusiastic about the brand and their bracelets and now I have one of my own! Thank you so much FUSE communication! I love it <3 

The bracelet I got is actually one I used in he blogpost and it’s so cool! I really like the firm feel on the chains and the pendant is perfect too! It’s not only heart shaped but it also looks a lot like a guitar pick (which I did not notice when I wrote the earlier blogpost haha). Soon you will see the bracelet in one of my outfitposts of course but for now check out some pictures of the packaging and the bracelet itself! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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