The Holland Beauty Awards 2013

Hi all, 

Yesterday the Holland Beauty Awards have been given to the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS from 2012. I was very curious about the winning products and so I followed the Holland Beauty Awards on twitter. And when they had a giveaway of course I joined, which made me win an AMAZING goodiebag with some of the best beauty products according to the awards! More about my priceless goodiebag from Holland Beauty Awards later this week! Maybe even an unboxing video! Which would be my first video-log!

The awards where divided into different categories, lips; nails; eyes; foundation; perfume (mens / womens); salon; bodycare; luxurious bodycare; facial care; luxurious facial care and hair. Besides this categories they also picked out the best Beauty Blogger, a dutch pretty celeb with a good heart and every magazine working with the Holland Beauty Awards choose their own favorite product. Check out all the award winning products HERE! 

From all the winning products I LOVE Essie the most, their nailpolishes are just perfect! Great coverage within two layers, amazing colors and the nailpolish doesn’t chip that much! Besides that I would love to try the YSL lipcolor. It’s great right, a lipgloss with the color and coverage of a lipstick? Also I would still love to try out the OPI Gelcolors, I heard good things about the product and with this award won I will definitely go to a nail saloon very soon! Concerning the Nivea and Andrelon products, loved them from the beginning these products are just great. Mostly dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever! Last but not least, after reading a bit more about the Chanel Coco Noir perfume I really need to go smell that scent and decide if I want / need to have it… The description of the perfume sounds perfect so I am very curious!

Ciao, Saranda @ Sarandipity