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Good morning!

Last weekend I went back to Rotterdam for a super awesome event that I already told you about a while ago. It was finally time for the big ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event! I went up early and took the train to Rotterdam Centraal. During the trainride I had a lot of fun while chatting with fellow fashion blogger Lisa from LittleBlonde.

After arriving at the train station I met up with the lovely Nathalie and Joyce, as we would all be helping Jolique and May during the day we had to go quickly because we were running a bit late.

After arriving Nathalie and me immediately got set up to check out all the entree tickets and tell the arriving guests everything they needed to know 🙂

Join me and my blogger babes: ilovefashionbloggers Q&A

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Hi everyone,

Last week has been so awesome and busy but it made me quite tired… Ah well, I am back, again! 😀 Today I want to tell you a little bit about a super cool event that will be held this month in Rotterdam.

ilovefashionbloggers, the platform I totally support and feel connected with, is hosting the first ever fashion blogger congress, the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A! YAY!!

Of course I do not know all the ins and outs but I can already tell you that this event will be BIG! Three internationally known top bloggers from the Netherlands; Yara Michels, Negin Mirsalehi and Linda Tol, will answer all of our questions (upload yours on the event facebook page) and will tell you everything about being a top blogger.

But ilovefashionblogger has more in store for us! Their will be a lot of awesome partners and of course no fashion event is complete without an interesting bag full of surprises 😉

The event will be hosted in the nhow hotel in Rotterdam on the 24th of May from 13:30 till 17:15. Hurry and get your tickets now before it’s too late!

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