Nominated by Stylefruits!


Good evening everyone, 

I have some lovely news, first of all, I am slowly getting my inspiration back! And second I am nominated as Insiders Tip of the Month December by Stylefruits! 

Stylefruits is a website where you can style outfits, check out the latest musthaves, join styling contests and you can also ask all of your style and fashion questions to the Stylefruits community! So as you can imagine it really is an honor and a pleasure to be nominated by Stylefruits! By the way, congratulations as well to Yan Yan from Peanutbutter & Fairytales who I met a couple of weeks ago at the OONA PR pressday!

On the fashionblog from Stylefruits they wrote a little piece about my blog: Sarandipity: Ben je op zoek naar inspiratie? Kijk dan eens op Sarandaโ€™s blog en let dan vooral op de trend reports! Die laten je zien waar zij haar inspiratie vandaan haalt en geven haar stijl perfect weer, maar zijn voor ons ook een enorme bron van inspiratie. Byebye uren het internet afstruinen naar inspiratiebronnen, hallo Sarandipity!”

Meaning they really like my blog for the inspirational blogpost and the trend reports! They even say you should not look further on the internet and stick with my blog for your daily dose of inspiration! Thanks for the amazing compliment Stylefruits!! 

Now you all can help me win, vote for me HERE !! Thank you so much in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Trend report: Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland fashion style inspiration trends trend report sarandipity fashionblog fashionblogger shopping polyvore

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s sunday so time for another trend report and this time it’s all about the color white! Winter white or winter wonderland to be precise, according to one of the most wearable trends this season. But…. white colors in the winter, not a lot of people wear it, probably because it is quite risky when it’s raining or when it has rained. Because white just does get dirty very quick and easy. Simple as that. But it is a very pretty color if you wear it the right way!

For example you can combine something white with black (like some of the examples above) or you can combine some white items with a colorful top or nude / brown colors. You can also combine a white top with a jeans or an all white outfit with a denim jacket / blouse. So there are a lot of possibilities how to wear white! For me a white coat would be just perfect! 

How would you wear the winter white / winter wonderland trend? Let me know in a comment and don’t forget to join my giveaway!  

xoxo Saranda

Trend report: Timeless Leather

Timeless Leather

Hi everyone!

The weekend is almost over again and since it’s sunday it was time for a trend report! Today it’s all about timeless leather! Leather items are always good and this season, you can wear a lot of leather items! Not only jackets, pants, bags and gloves, but also skirts, tops and accessories! 

Since leather is timeless everyone should have some leather items in their closet, at least I think so haha (some faux leather items are fine as well, but the quality is most of the times not that good or just very bad…) 

From the moodboard above I top right sweater (must have it!!), the wallet / clutch bag and the leather skirt on the right are my favorites! What are yours? Let me know in a comment! 

Sweet dreams for now! xoxo Saranda

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Trend report: Aztec or Peruvian Fashion

Trend: Aztec Peruvian fashionblog fashionblogger fashion sarandipity trendreport shoes mipacha trends colorful fallfashion

Hi everyone, 

Since last spring the Aztec print is really trendy and hot! This trend really inspires me and I love it! You can match the colors and print very well I think, even during fall! Maybe with a nice Peruvian scarf (Let’s stay in that South-American trend right ;))? Personally I have always been interested in Peru because my grandparents visited that country a couple of times and did some voluntary work over there! And I can remember having my class presentation in Elementary school about the Aztecs. So one way or another, I have this connection and interest in South-American cultures. Combining Aztec items with Peruvian fashion in my eyes seem quite natural. Both of the trends are very colorful with prints that just go really good together. 

Read & see more after the click ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ciao!!

MIPACHA F/W ’13-’14 Peruvian shoes! Check out

By buying MIPACHA shoes you actually support the people from Cuzco (the capitol of Peru) plus you get a dustbag for your newly bought colorful shoes and a woven Peruvian bracelet! How cool is that?! 

I would definitely want to have one or more pairs of MIPACHA shoes, I can’t wait to buy my first pair haha. Secretly I have already checked my closet to see how I could combine them haha. 

Trend: Aztec Peruvian fashionblog fashionblogger fashion sarandipity trendreport shoes mipacha trends colorful fallfashion
I would combine this tee and Peruvian shawl (gift from Peru) with a nice pair of jeans and bright Alto Top MIPACHA sneakers.

So that’s it for today! Do you like the Aztec trend and MIPACHA shoes? 
Let me know in a comment! 

 xoxo Saranda

Trend report: Beanie Mania

Beanie Mania beanies fashionblog fashionblogger sarandipity trends trendreport trend fashion

Goodmorning lovely followers!

My second Polyvore made trend report, yay, which today is all about beanies! Beanies are HOT and super fashionable! I love the fierce beanies but also the cuter ones are awesome as well! 

I have tried to find some cool beanies which I would totally buy & wear, so I did not just pick random beanies haha. My favorite ones in this collage is the leopard printed one from Juicy Couture, the hot pink one with “On Wednesdays we wear pink” and the soft old-pink one with studs and cat ears from River Island! But secretly, I would really want to have all of these beanies haha! For more information about these cool beanies check out my Polyvore board!

So I am really curious, what do you think of beanies? Do you wear them a lot? And which one of these beanies is your favorite?? 

Happy sunday!! xo