Travel Thursday – Firenze in 48 hours

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Firenze, the city that stole my heart… Firenze is a must visit city when you are in Italy, but it’s a pretty big city with lots of stuff to do! This blogpost will be your travel guide to visit Firenze in 48 hours! I’ll tell you my personal highlights and the most important things to see. Next week I’ll come up with a travel guide for when you have some more hours as well, so stay tuned if you want to know more after this Travel Thursday blogpost!

So what to do and how to visit Firenze in 48 hours only? I can already tell you, you will not be able to see everything, because that is quite impossible haha. But with this guide you will know which museums are a must visit and how to make the most of your stay.

Read on for the full guide and my ultimate Firenze tips!


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Back on track

Fashion blogger Firenze outfit ootd shooting photography

Hi there everyone…

I have been on a pretty long blogging break because of work and a very exciting holiday! Today I came back home and I am full of new energy and inspiration to get Sarandipity back on track! I actually have a lot to share with you guys and I am super happy to give you a little bit of a sneak preview already.

First of all I will (of course) tell you all about the adventures I had the last couple of weeks, some travel tips for Firenze, a review of a new camera bag, outfits shot in the gorgeous town of Firenze and I also have a huge surprise. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have already seen a bit but I can tell you it’s pretty huge!!

Besides all these cool upcoming articles I am also working on a couple of cool projects which I hope to tell you more about very soon 🙂

I’m pretty happy to be back again and to be able to keep you updated again!

As I just got back today I might need some time to get back on track of my blogging rhythm but I’ll try to update at least every day!


Friday favorites #1: blog reads

by dagmar valerie blogger blog vlieland strandregels beach rules inspiration

Hi there, it’s Friday already and also time for a new blogpost. Today I would like to introduce a new topic in on my blog. My Friday favorites. Starting with favorite blog reads!

From fellow bloggers, favorite blog reads, favorite instagram accounts to follow, favorite products, you name it 😉

I am kicking of with some of my favorite blog read from this week. Starting with the blogpost from my dear friend Dagmar who went to Vlieland and took this picture of the rules of the beach! I love it! Seems like she had a lot of fun and enjoyed her self! Check out the full article on her blog: By Dagmar Valerie

Read on for some more favorites!

Personal: Happy Challenge week #3

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Hi there,

Time for part three of the Happy Challenge. This time it is all about making your dreams and wishes visual. With this challenge I decided to focus on what my dreams and goals are right now and a little bit for the future but not for my whole life. I guess I like changes and therefore nothing is determined yet as where I will eventually end up haha.

So let’s make it visual!

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Travel planning dreams: Thailand


thailand wallpaper cave tourist attraction
The Phraya Nakhon cave in Thailand

Hi lovely followers,

As you might know I love travelling. During the summer of 2012 I went to Singapore and Indonesia and I had the time of my life. In Indonesia I went to Manado, West Papua, Bali and Java and so I saw a lot of different things. It really was an amazing experience and if it depends on me I would love to see more of Asia! 

A couple of alumni from my education are now on backpacking trips and I have seen so many beautiful pictures from their trips. I can’t wait to plan an go on a new trip myself! 

One of the countries I would really like to visit is Thailand. This country has so much to offer if you ask me. Gorgeous sandy beaches, tropical islands, gorgeous nature, amazing Buddhist temples and building and of course a wonderful culture. 

I love planning trips, even before I even bought a ticket to go somewhere. Today I am giving you a little bit of insight in what I would like to do should I go to Thailand someday (which is hopefully soon haha). 

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During a holiday I want to be able to relax but I also want to see as much as possible. Besides that I really like interaction with local people. 
On my trip through Indonesia I actually stayed with locals most of the time. I know that in Thailand you have some home stay’s. While staying in these kind of accommodations you not only get to know the host or home owner but you also get a great sneak peek in the normal and daily life of a local. Very interesting and it might let you look at a country really different. 

raja ampat papua four kings homestay indonesia irian jaya
Homestay village in Raja Ampat Indonesia


Besides interacting with locals I of course would also like to see the touristic attractions and not to forget, the hidden pearls only the locals know about. 
For example I would love to visit Bangkok and see all the different temples! And in Chiang Mai I would love to visit a elephant farm or sanctuary, check out the waterfall, see the temples and so on. Travel to me is more than just relaxing, for me it is also learning from different cultures and getting to know new people. wallpaper thailand island beach
Thai beach <3


When checking out things to do in Thailand I found a website whose focus it is to let tourists meet locals, learn from them and hang out together. Check out some of the cool tours with locals in Thailand. The opportunities are pretty huge.

I already imagine myself chilling at the waterfall together with some fun locals.

sarandipity travel tourist attractions thailand chiang mai
Chiang Mai sticky waterfall photo from

What is your dream destination and how do you plan your travel adventures?

xoxo Saranda