London Bridge love – Lookbook


Hi everyone, 

Today I was looking for something to do and I remembered there still was a great competition for me to participate in! Shop With Your Friends, a.k.a. SWYF, is hosting a great bloggers competition together with Marks and Spencer, so yes I just had to compete! I want to win, and so I did my very best to style a lovely London Look! Check it out here!!! 

When I make lookbooks I always work from a story or maybe a written journal / diary in my head. This time it was something I would love to do someday, visit London, the London Eye and the Tower Bridge and every other lovely thing London has to offer! Personally I think a trip to London can be very romantic and so I chose for a chic, feminine and somewhat romantic / sexy look! 

I am really curious to find out what you all think of this lookbook and of course what you guys think of the Marks & Spencer items I used! You can click on the read more button for more information about my favorite Marks & Spencer items used in this lookbook! 


This limited edition backpack is absolutely my favorite item! I love the colors and the fact that it is a super stylish backpack! You can buy this beauty for โ‚ฌ36,95!
A very chic tregging, I really like it that this tregging has a high-waist fit! For only โ‚ฌ43,95 ๐Ÿ™‚
Aren’t these heels just the perfect nude pumps?! I think they are!! <3 And they only cost โ‚ฌ31,95! And last but not least, this great trench coat! The fabric looks very delicate and I am just in love with trench coats!!! <3 You can buy this one for โ‚ฌ99,95.
So from my total lookbook, this are the four items which for me are total musthaves! 
Of course I love the jewelry and top as well, else I would not have picked them, but I think these four items, mentioned above, are the core items for this look! ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait to find out what you all think of my lookbook and my musthave items from Marks & Spencer! Please let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Lookbook of the Week!

Hi dearest followers and readers,

Do you all remember the Lookbook I posted this week? If not, you can find it here: Lookbook
The Lookbook I created was as an entry to this contest Shop With Your Friends (SWYF) is hosting and guess what…. What? 

My lookbook is the lookbook of the week!

This means I am still in the race to win a very, still a suprise but according to SWYF, epic tiger tote bag! If you are bored at any time during the week, and you want to be creative, try something new, why not create some lookbooks for yourself?! 

You can visit the SWYF website here!

xoxo, Sarandipity