Sunshine sorbet – Outfit post


Hi there!

I still had this outfit post to share with you all so here it is! Last week it was still amazingly good weather, so I wore this lovely look while actually chilling at home. For the photo’s I did put on the heels, which I adore!! They are really my favorite pair since buying them at H&M a few weeks ago!

So I just hope you all like this outfit! I am getting back from my holiday soon and then I will try, I can’t promise I’m afraid, to answer all your lovely comments… ๐Ÿ™‚


Black, white and gold – outfitpost

Wow, all of a sudden it is so incredibly hot here in the Netherlands! One day you are complaining about the crappy spring and a moment later, well 4 days give and take, and the temperature is just tropical.

I must say, I love sunshine, and I really like 20 degrees better than 10. But, yes a but, what do you wear to work or school on a day when it’s 30 degrees?! Well luckily I was free today, and with a little bit of luck, tomorrow as well so I wore a black and white outfit with some golden details. Black shorts, a loose white with Swedish House Maffia printed top, a H&M bikini from a year or two ago which I still love, my cute lace shoes and some cool jewelry.


PS: The moment GFC will shot down comes closer and closer and I saw some handy blogpost about how to convert your Google Reader feeds into your Bloglovin’ account! Read it HERE and HERE, hope to see you all on Bloglovin’!! <3 

I am wearing; Top, shorts, bikini top and shoes from H&M;
necklace unknown (gift from Stylight);
 bracelets unknown (gifts from Indonesia). 

So pretty much a H&M outfit haha, but I do think it’s a cool combination. I personally love the combination of Black, White and Gold. And for his weather it really is a perfect outfit, really loose, relaxed, a little bit fierce, showing skin but not feeling too nude haha.

What do you think of my outfit?!  

Pastel power – Outfit post

Hello lovelies, 

Because it was so incredibely sunny today my boyfriend and I went outside and shoot some, imho, great outfit shots!

Hope you like the look! ๐Ÿ™‚ Feedback is welcome as always, tomorrow on the blog: thank you letter to my followers and a post about how I describe my style / my style icons etc! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

But for now, enjoy this post! Do not forget to follow me on: Bloglovin’FacebookInstagram & Twitter. And please also heart my board on STYLIGHT: “It’s the year of spring” 

Hugs, Saranda @ Sarandipity

I am wearing …
minty ankle jeans: H&M, knit sweater: Zara, Wedges: Tommy Hilfiger,
Sunglasses (I LOVE THEM): Vogue Eyewear, Watch: Jetset, Earrings: Six. 
The knit sweater is sooo comfy and my minty ankle jeans is lovely but so hard to combine with shoes, too high for most of my boots en booties haha. For this weather the outfit was perfect, not to hot not to cold, just right haha.

I can’t wait for more sunny days to come! <3