Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

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Happy & healthy Wednesday,
how are you all doing? Big news, ah well not really but I am proud of it, I finally went to the gym again last week. Since I suffer a lot from headaches and neck paines I decided: “NO MORE”. I won’t let this stuff control me anymore and I will take back control. I am pretty happy with my body and no I do not think I need to lose weight, but I do want to get in shape and get more healthy.  So that’s why I decided to dedicate this Wednesday’s Pinspiration post to #fitspo 😉 Cool fitness and health inspiration that might get you inspired as well if you still need that extra push!  I believe that going to the gym might suck sometimes, for example when it’s raining heavily but you still have to / want to go and you can only go by bicycle (not at all something I experienced last week ;)) but hard work pays of. Trust me if I am telling you that you will do your precious body a HUGE favor by keeping it healthy and strong. Personally I will try to strenghten my back, neck and shoulders but while I am already there I will also focus on my core and my knees and legs. At the moment I don’t have specific goals yet since I am already pretty proud of the fact that I am going and so I bought two stunning sport bra’s from Nike (the ones from the #fitspo collage). Cute sportswear like this just make me want to hit the gym again a.s.a.p when these two come in! How about you guys, do you do fitness, yoga or something else? Let me know in a comment and have a nice day!!
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