Instagram Weekly #35


Hi everyone,

A day later than normal but here is a new instagram weekly update! This week I have been very busy with a lot of different things but not so much with blogging stuff so just as last week, it’s not a very big update.  So here it goes!

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. Working, one of the last times for this job, and I got to drive a Mini Cooper! And I am in love haha, I always wanted to have/drive a mini and I really enjoyed it! I really really really want to have one now!!
2. Selfie, this was my look before my appointment with the ladies from Spot & Shop, I went there to help them with the app and website they are building and it really was great to meet them! I had a wonderfull morning!
3. Scandinavian streetstyle, I really love this picture and outfit so I had to share it on Instagram…
4. Selfie in the train, same look as on photo 2 but now from a different angle and you can see a bit of my Supertrash wedgesneakers! ๐Ÿ˜‰
5. Selfie time again! Yesterday I received the musthave of the month I told you all about and I am so happy with it! Thanks to Zalando ๐Ÿ™‚
6. Inspirational Instagram share, I love the Song sisters, they are both so pretty and have a lovely sense of fashion! Plus the way Aimee Song styled the Finders Keepers blazer is very cool don’t you think??


Musthave of the month: August


Good morning dearest followers, 

This (hopefully bright) Sunday morning I wanted to share with you the musthave of the month! Summer is luckily not over yet, but we all know that autumn is ready to take it’s place. With autumn coming up and imagining the cold evenings, I went looking for this blazer that was already on my wishlist since the beginning of this summer. And there it was, shining in the light of a huge 59% discount! The Finders Keepers blazer with palms and in a tropical paradise design! One of the best blazers I have ever seen, a special print and I already have some inspiration for a look thanks to lovely Aimee Song from Song of Style, who happens to own a lot of great stuff by Finders Keepers, including this beauty and a skirt with the same print!

Yes I just had to have it, and this really is a musthave for me! So this beauty is coming my way and I expect to have it delivered tomorrow already! I can’t wait haha! You can buy this musthave at Zalando, for โ‚ฌ64,95 ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a lovely sunday, ciao!!

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