Skater girl meets Vogue – Outfit post

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Hi there!

I am a little bit anxious and nervous about showing you this outfit. When I went shooting with Raquel a couple weeks ago I wanted to do one look which was a little bit different from my normal outfits. I borrowed my little brothers cap (no idea why there is a huge letter P on it haha) and I packed my VOGUE tee. Without a whole look figured out and just some random clothes with me (of course I also had two looks completely figured out already) I went to my friends place.

After shooting the other outfits I still was not quite sure about the VOGUE tee in combi with the cap and so we did a little dressing up with different items from myself and her wardrobe.

For the look I borrowed a faux leather skirt from her and I really liked the look. It was a little bit skater girl-ish and I could remember the old days when I was chilling at a skate park haha. Too bad I did not really have matching sneakers or something and so I borrowed creeper All-stars from Raquel. Now I don’t hate All-stars at all but I must admit that I doubted posting this look for a while. I love how the photos turned out and I really like the outfit itself… I just don’t really like these All-stars with it and I must say I am not super comfortable posting this.

Never the less I am super curious to find out your opinion so let me know what you think!


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Puffy Dandelion – Outfit post


sunglasses VANS sarandipity blog fashion

Hi there,

Today I am showing you the outfit I wore during Easter. As you can see in the pictures I was in a perfect mood yesterday when we were shooting pictures. In a way the puffy scuba skirt I am wearing is making me feel like a princess, on-top-of-the-world-women, Carrie Bradshaw or just like a very fun and positive version of me. The skirt makes me very joyful, that’s for sure! 

When I saw this skirt first I knew I needed to have it! Even though one of my best blogger buddies Dagmar told me the skirt was actually very puffy, which it definitely is haha. 

For easter I wanted to wear the skirt in a cute, feminine but powerful combination. That’s why I decided to wear it with my fierce heels (H&M), biker jacket (MANGO), ruffled top (H&M), cool sunglasses and shoulderbag (both from VANS, thanks to Ganbaroo). By the way, the skirt itself is from H&M as well 🙂

So… what do you think of this look?


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PS: check out my GIRISSIMA look on Stylight which I made with this outfit

VANS H&M Outfit ootd sarandipity fashion look skater skirt

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #7


fashion style inspiration trends pastel embellishments skater skirts cold shoulder mode moda

Hi there lovely followers,

Today I would like to show you a bit of my current fashion inspirations (or should I say obsessions haha). I am still in love with pastels and black and white is more and more getting in my wardrobe as a nice, easy to match, base for my outfits. Besides that I have much more things I really adore right now. For example skater skirts! I have bought a couple of very cool skater skirts at the moment and I am very very happy with the purchase hihi. Soon you will see them in an outfit of course 🙂

What I like about skater skirts is the way you can twist them, like the girl in the lower right corner. It makes me feel super girly and feminine and it makes me very happy at the same time. Just what I like ^^

My other inspirations lately is the cold shoulder trend. When I was younger this was also pretty trendy, I still remember how I wore this stuff back then. Now that this trend is hot again I know how to style it my way and how to make it accentuate me in a good way.

Last but not least I am still into embellished items! Embellishments can make a simple top into a statement piece and it can make a basic outfit very glamorous. Love it <3

What is your favorite look from the ones above?


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