Trend report: Flower power

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Good morning lovely followers,

Today I would like to talk a bit about the Flower power trend going on right now. In the stores you see a lot of pastels, flared items and also a lot of flower prints or structures. Personally I like the flower structures the most. Those items really remind me of the Spring/Summer Burberry Prorsum collection, which I loved! I am sure Burberry has been a big inspiration and example for a lot of shops and brands, naturally.

The flower print trend is hot, just like the palm print trend I talked about last Sunday. Both of these are pretty striking prints. So when you go shopping for floral or palm printed items keep in mind that your look should also have some peaceful basic items as well. 

For example you could combine the black skirt, the denim shorts and the right shorts with a white blouse. If you are a true dare devil you can try to combine multiple prints. But I suggest to always have a stable base within your total look.  My favorite items from the collage above are the shorts and skirts, to me these would be the most easy and versatile to combine.

What do you think of the floral print? 

xoxo Saranda 

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PS: Doe je al mee met mijn winactie in samenwerking met Treatwell?

Giveaway: Treatwell giftcard

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(This blogpost is in Dutch since this giveaway is only open to people from the Netherlands or Belgium. Op de Treatwell website kan je kijken waar je de giftcard in kan leveren. Dit zijn alleen Nederlandse steden.)

Hoi iedereen,
Vorige week behaalde ik de 500 volgers en dat moet natuurlijk gevierd worden! Ik vind het echt een geweldige mijlpaal en ben ontzettend blij met de trouwe volgers die ik heb. Thank YOU <3
Ik ben ontzettend happy met de lieve comments die ik van jullie krijg, de vriendinnen die ik thanks to m’n blog heb gemaakt, de steun, inspiratie en al het andere geweldige wat jullie mij geven. Gewoon door elke maand, week, of dag op mijn blog te kijken. Nogmaals, dankjewel!
Omdat jullie zo’n super lieve, toffe, geweldige lezers zijn mag ik 2 van jullie blij maken met een Treatwell giftcard ter waarde van €25!
Wat je daarvoor moet doen en wat Treatwell precies is lees je na de read more button 😉
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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #6


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Hi there,

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories so when I yesterday had a meeting with bckspace | eyewear I fell completely in love with their diverse collection of sunnies. I will tell you more about bckspace | eyewear later but for now I would like to share my love for some of their sunnies with you. Because that is what Wednesday’s pinspiration is about. Sharing my current inspiration with you all!

Not only are sunglasses a perfect way to style your outfit, they are also pretty important if you want to see where you are walking when it’s sunny haha… 😉 Therefore a couple (or more) gorgeous sunglasses is a musthave for every fashionista. 

With some of these sunglasses above you can never go wrong. Timeless and chic, like Audrey Hepburn wearing her favorite Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In this Pinterest collage you can see sunnies from AM Eyewear (from Australia), DITA Eyewear and Oliver Goldsmith. 

I am mostly in love with the Manhatten sunnies from Oliver Goldsmith, but I also love the cat-eye sunglasses from DITA (the glasses in the middle of everything) and the AM Eyewear sunnies on the left.

Which one is or which ones are your favorite? Click on read more for some other inspirational pictures


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SATC Carrie Bradshaw sunglasses inspiration sarandipity blog

PS: Notice my Carrie Bradshaw obsession? 😉

Paris Fashion Week: Nina Ricci


Hi everyone,

I still had a couple of Paris Fashion Week shows to share with you. One of my favorite fashion shows was this one from Nina Ricci. The designs look sophisticated, feminine with an edgy touch and playfulness. What I loved about this show was the simplicity in some looks, for example look 2 and 3, while still having original lines that catch your attention. 

For me it was pretty difficult to pick out a favorite look at first. But after buying some floral, soft colored, sweet and feminine items last weeks I now know it’s definitely look number 4. 
I am in LOVE with the floral jumpsuit, the simplicity and the way the design falls smoothly over the model. The soft colored print, the perfect old dust pink fluffy coat, the pink pumps. Everything fits just perfect! 

But hey, I also love the dresses from looks 5 and 6, which are just drop dead gorgeous! I do think the left gown has a little bit of a Valentino feel but that does not bother me a bit haha. 

What do you think of this lovely collection and which one is your favorite design?

Xoxo Saranda

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What’s on my phone, favorite apps

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Hi everyone,

Today I want to share something different with you all. For my blog I am on the road a lot since I live in Eindhoven and most of the fashion events are in Amsterdam. Now I really like playing games but I also like to be productive while I am on my way. I have a couple of different apps I really love because of their possibilities.

In this blogpost I will tell you something about my currently favorite apps, which are Couple, druppel, Showtracker, Skyscanner, Roamler, Duolingo, iTunes U and Bloglovin’.

Couple (free on iTunes) is an app I actually have since valentinesday. In Couple you can chat with your boyfriend, play a game called thumbkiss where both of your phones vibrate if you touch the same spot on your touchscreen, draw something together, make lists, share moments and more. A pretty cool app for you and your boyfriend! 😉

Druppel (free) is a Dutch app to check when and whether it is raining or sunny outside. Perfect when you are going home and don’t want to bike trough heavy rain. Just check out the app and try to wait untill the rain is getting less or when it stops. Go get some coffee or tea while you are waiting…


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