Living on a pink cloud – Outfit post


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Hi there lovely followers!

I still had an outfit ready to show you guys. Personally I love how most of these pictures turned out! When shooting outfits with my boyfriend he just knows how to capture me looking at my best. Sometimes I am looking at the photos he made and I am thinking, is this really me?!

This look I am sharing with you today is actually the look I was wearing on one of the two days when I went from press agency to press agency for the open days. I actually switched from flats to heels every time at the entrance because heck I would not be able to walk on these pretty sandals the whole day haha. 

What I really love about this look as that it is pretty simple but still very chic and feminine. The soft pink details in the sunglasses and the jeans make the look pretty cute and the heels, my blouse and the bag gives this look more a chic and feminine touch.

In these photos I am wearing a mustachio necklace, IKKI watch, Noosa Amsterdam bracelet, blouse from MANGO, pastel pink jeans from Esprit, my favorite Tosca Blu bag, belt from Primark, my new sandals from and the pretty pink sunglasses from AM Eyewear (thanks to bckspace eyewear)

As usual I would love to know what you think of this look… so leave me a comment to let me know your opinion 🙂

xoxo Saranda

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Seeing through pink colored sunnies


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Hi everyone,

A while ago I talked to you about a very cool collaboration I had a meeting about. Since then I shared an outfit with mirrored glasses from MARMA London. Today I will share another pair of gorgeous sunnies with you which have a pretty cool story! As I told you in this blogpost bckspace eyewear  is a pretty special glasses and sunglasses shop and they have some of the most amazing brands.

In this blogpost I want to tell you a bit more about these gorgeous pink sunglasses from AM Eyewear….

By the way, you should totally check out the bckspace eyewear store if your looking for new (sun)glasses! You can find them on Herenstraat number 5 in Amsterdam (dahh ;))

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A little bit more about AM Eyewear:

“Founded in 2003 out of a fanatical love of old school frames that were difficult to find in Australia at the time, AM Eyewear has grown rapidly from a cheeky young upstart into a cult brand respected around the globe. Our ethos is simple; to design beautiful, unique and exceptional eyewear that makes a difference. With so much effort going into the design and manufacture of every frame, we choose to dedicate every design to the person who has inspired it.
Priding ourselves on quality and originality, we are dedicated to designing truly handcrafted eyewear, from start to finish. Our designs are born with a sketch pad and pencil where all the aspects are meticulously brought to life.
Each frame is then cut from a sheet of Italian Mazzucchelli acetate before being handcrafted and polished by a master artisan in a series of processes that take upwards of 14 hours to complete.
We are one of only a handful of brands that have been granted an exclusive co-branding agreement with Zeiss and our sunglasses are specially fitted with their highest quality Italian-made lenses, ensuring your eyes are protected whilst also looking their best.
Before our designs are ready to wear we check for quality through three separate inspection processes to guarantee they meet our stringent standards. They are then packed and shipped by hand, but only ever truly complete once they are worn.
Be Kind to Others – AM Eyewear”
AM Eyewear fashion blog sarandipity eye respect amsterdam pink sunglasses blogger style
I personally really love these glasses as they are very special and kind of different than most sunnies. This model actually is a limited edition from one of the very first designed frames by AM. Funny fact: I am wearing glasses number 136 out of 150 😉 

The sunglasses fit really well as the ‘legs’ are adjustable to your head and ears which is great. Wearing and holding the sunglasses you noticed the quality and craftmanship very good. Although the glasses are pretty light (definitely not heavy if you ask me), the frame and glasses feel very strong and unbreakable. The ZEISS lenses are perfect as well, thanks to the gradient you can see in the lenses the light gets blocked in a nice, warm way. 

Other very cool things about AM Eyewear is the case delivered with the sunglasses, which is totally beautiful! Besides that the lens cloth is very pretty as well, in the fabric there is a long story about how AM Eyewear started.

What do you think of these pink sunnies? 🙂

xoxo Saranda

My summer musthaves

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Happy Sunday lovely followers,

Normally I share a trend report with you all on Sunday, but today I wanted to show you my summer musthaves. I will also tell you a bit more about why I think these items are essential in my opinion… 🙂   First of all I think a white blouse is really essential to have hanging in your closet. This items is timeless and very variable. You can actually wear a white blouse on every occasion and in a lot of different ways. For example like the blogger in the picture above. Besides a white blouse pastels are always good during summer and spring! You can not go wrong with a pastel colored blazer or jacket as it’s very easy to style with a lot of different fabrics and colors (denim, black, white, even neon’s). Where we saw a lot of lace shorts last year we will now see a lot of denim shorts with lace embellishments, which is also gorgeous! Besides the more soft colors there will also be a lot of very bright items and colors as well. I would suggest to buy color popping sneakers, like the Nike Roshe Run on the collage above (very high on my wishlist haha) or the OOAKJewelz bracelet which has an Ibiza / Indian style. Last but not least, if you have not yet bought it last year, go get yourself a pair of mirrored sunnies! 😉 What do you think of my summer musthaves? Ciao!!

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PS: if you are Dutch you might have seen a Dutch version of this article on It’s About Beauty where I write guest blogs once every two weeks on Friday.

Feeling sky high – Outfit post


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Hi lovely followers,

Sorry for my little absence but I am super busy with finding my dream job (more about that later) and so I sometimes feel a bit to tired to blog. But I will try to keep you guys updated a little better, I promise!

Today I want to show you an outfit with a pair of shoes that were on my wishlist for a very long time… I finally got my white Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers and I adore them! They are the perfect sneakers for a small girl like me who loves to wear heels and love to wear sneakers as well haha 😉 

Although the look is pretty basic and very casual I think the secret wedge sneakers and the jewelry give this look that little bit extra which it needed. Accessories can always upgrade an outfit if you ask me and sometimes all it takes is a nice necklace.

In these photos I am wearing my new Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers, ONLY distressed jeans, Primark blouse, necklace and golden earrings from FabMe Jewelry (#spon), gifted pearl earrings and my Fossil watch. 

What do you guys think of this look? 

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

fashion adidas lovlet nike fruity floral hawaii pinapple tropical sarandipity inspiration blog dutch

Hi everyone,

Sometimes weeks go by so quickly because it is Wednesday already! While I was working on this new Pinspiration post I found some gorgeous fashion items online. And while I am trying to get my closet a bit more cohesive with a sort of red line I think I will fail big time haha. These items are not really a good fit with all the things I already have in my wardrobe, BUT… I do love these items a lot. The stunning ADIDAS x the Farm company jackets, the dress with Hawaiian dolls, the pineapple and the sporty Nike Roshe run <3 All of the things above are colorful, fun, fruity, floral, and mostly, perfect for the summer season! I really really love them.  These colorful items also give me a huge peptalk concerning my mood and really give me some new inspiration. Who would not want to wear fancy items like these and even blogging about and looking at these pictures makes me smile haha.  But now I need your advice… Option one is: Just go for it and get those pretty items asap! Or I can go for option two which is: I would stick to creating more of a cohesive wardrobe. Well I am very curious to find out your opinion 🙂  Ciao!!

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