Winactie: VIP Tickets “Release the Beast” party


This blogpost will be in Dutch since this giveaway will be open for Dutch readers only, I will soon host another international giveaway for everyone to participate in! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi iedereen! 

Vandaag, terwijl ik mijn eigen verjaardag aan het vieren ben, mag ik 2×2 VIP tickets weggeven voor het CoolCat “Release the Beast” feest in de Hollywood Music Hall (Rotterdam) op 20 oktober! 

Het feest beloofd echt een knaller te worden met als thema Release the Beast, optredens van o.a. The Party Squad, dansers van So You Think You Can Dance en een heuse CoolCat fashionshow waarbij de CoolCat wintercollectie voor het eerst te zien zal zijn! Het thema Release the Beast zal goed naar voren komen voor middel van animal prints op de catwalk, de beestachtige muziek en de massa fashion & party lovers! Ga los en dans de sterren van de hemel! Klinkt goed, toch?! Helaas kan ik er zelf niet bij zijn maar natuurlijk gun ik jullie de avond van jullie leven! 

Door mee te doen met deze winactie maak je kans op 1 set van 2 VIP tickets (toegang tot het VIP deck, dansen tussen de modebloggers en nog veel meer), samen met een vriend of vriendin kan jij dus deze vette party bezoeken. Wat moet je daar voor doen?

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Heel veel succes iedereen! 

Op 12 oktober maak ik de winnaars bekend dus hou mijn blog en je email goed in de gaten volgende week zaterdag! Voor een klein voorproefje kan je onderstaande video bekijken! 

Sarandipity’s outfit recap!


The first look ever, the look with my lovely DL1961 jeans (number 4) and the pastel power look.

Hi all!

I have been blogging for a while now and I thought it would be nice to look back to how I started blogging and how far I am now! Sarandipity is growing a lot and I owe that to all of you who read, comment and follow! I began blogging somewhere in January 2012 and now I am here, almost 260 followers on GFC and almost 200 on Bloglovin!

My blog has become more professional and you can see that the best, I think, in the design and the outfit posts! So time for an outfit recap! The first row are my first five outfitposts! Check out the rest of the blogpost and let me know, which look is your favorite??


The second and third look have been featured on Girlscene and on Stylight! ๐Ÿ˜€ 
My graduation look (second photo), AFW day 1 and day 3 outfit and the last outfit so far.


More than a year ago Sarandipity was born, a blog totally about fashion, lifestyle and ofcourse me, Saranda!

Since lately the blog has been growing and I have been more active myself, I think it is time to tell you all a bit more about myself, the name of the blog and more. So here goes, a sort of about me / about Sarandipity post. 

I hope you will all enjoy reading!

Remember, feedback, tips, questions everything is always welcome!


On january 4th 2012 Sarandipity was made by me as a way to express myself, become who I wanted to be and too share the things I thought where worth it! So when I started the blog was about a lot of things, including Psychology (my field of study). Soon I noticed it was very hard to keep a blog updated and to write about something you find interesting, but other people may not. Besides that writing about Psychologt was hard, I needed to have good sources and I was like: “This is not a way to relax myself, this is studying in a different way, I do not want this.” And so, the subject Psychology became my field of study again, and this time besides a personal interest, only my field of study. 

The blog was now more focused on fashion, lifestyle, and myself. In 2012 I posted 15 updates, which of some have been deleted because they were negligible. After a huge break with no updates at all I started blogging again around october and since then have tried to become more active on this blog. 

When New Years came I realized, I somewhat became the person I wanted to be during the last year. I am now more succesful in my study and work, had a horrible but very valuable internship, soon I will have this nice job. Besides that I now know what I want to do when I graduate, I have experienced this amazing trip to Singapore and Indonesia and I have become more grown up and self-assertive.

As you can read, I have some this I am very proud about! And I know have the confidence to make this blog a succes! During january and february this year I already have posted 17 updates and more will follow! 

So about me, I am a very normal, but overly sensitive person. I can be sunshine in the morning and storm, thunder or rain around 12 o’clock. I think I am a very creative, open-minded, loveable, caring person who should sometimes take some more distance too people who hurt me or maybe will in the future. At some points I can be too friendly and too nice to persons around me. That’s why his blog was also part of my self expression ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

The name of the blog Sarandipity comes from Serendipity: A “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. (Thank you wikipedia!) I really wanted a name that I could reflect too that would also could be something when I used it in combination with my name, Saranda. I love the term Serendipity, the movie about it is wonderful, but I also had my own experiences, like finding and meeting this amazing guy on a holiday in Croatia, which I still love btw (he’s my rock, my support, I wouldn’t have become me without him!). So Serendipity, with Saranda in it made Sarandipity. I know the title doesn’t really reflect on the blog itself, but it does on me and the blog is me in every way possible. I really can be madly in love with fashion and lifestyle! In this blog I will be posting to you every week, maybe even everyday about fashion, lifestyle, inspiration, trends, myself and my own style.

Well, this is it for now..
I really don’t know what else too write about me and the blog…

Hope you enjoyed!