Pretty please: Zalando Blogger Awards 2014

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Hi everyone,

Just a short blogpost this early morning. I want to ask you all for a favor, which I normally pretty much hate to do but hey, this would be so darn cool haha! You might have already seen some other bloggers who are nominated for the Zalando Blogger Awards. I am not going to say I am nominated, since I do not see it that way.. But… You can vote for me! And hell, I might win if everyone is going to help me. Personally I think my chances are pretty low but one can always try.

So here is the deal, by filling in a simple form on the Zalando website HERE, you can vote for me. Just copy & paste my url:, and leave your own info. By doing this you can even win €500 shopping money at Zalando yourself.

Cool right?

Pretty pretty please help me with a little bit of your time by voting and I would be forever grateful! Thank you all in advance!

Loads of love & kisses,

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Outfit recap March until now

patrizia pepe my mochila H&M noisy may fashion ootd blogger

It has been a while since the last time I did an outfit recap but with the summer looks coming up I thought it was time to show you most of my outfits from March till now.

What I am noticing is that one thing that comes back in each and every outfit that the looks are feminine with a fierce touch. Turns out I just need to have at least one powerful statement item in my outfits haha.

I personally have a couple of favorites and I would love to know if you can figure out what my faves are and of course which are your favorites?! (I will tell you mine at the end of this post)

Right now I am super busy with so many cool things. A lot of which came into my life by happy coincidence or thanks to my blog and I am super grateful for that. I have been working for Isabelli (My Mochila & Bohotats) for a couple of weeks now and I have already learned so much! Really happy to be able to do this. By the way I will soon tell you a bit more about my work and maybe I will even show you guys some behind the scenes… Would you like that?!

Tell me, what are you up to today?

xoxo Saranda

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Preview: Tropical fish

ootd outfit lovlet italian dress tropical fish sarandipity fashion blog dutch blogger

Hi everyone,

I have just had a lovely weekend and I feel so relaxed right now. Life is treating me well and I am so happy with the opportunities I get thanks to my blog!

Since I am very very late with my morning post I decided to give you a nice preview of tomorrows upcoming look. This outfit is going to really pop and I can’t wait to show you guys all of the pictures! I am so curious to find out what you will think of this look! 🙂

Later today, probably around 7pm Dutch time I will finally post another Happy Challenge article 🙂

My day will be pretty relaxed with mostly blog, #metzonderwerk, and household stuff haha. What are you doing today?


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Bohemian VOGUE – Outfit post


fashion blogger sarandipity my mochila isabelli bohemian

Good morning!

Today I want to show you an outfit that I wore last weekend. I was back in the village where I was raised and then I found this gorgeous hat from BOHO which matched perfectly with my outfit! I actually never wear hats or caps but once in a while I try one and I always hear that it looks so good on me (well thank you!)…

Funny thing is, the same happened when I tried on this cute festival hat and so I took it with me. My first hat, yay!

Since it was super sunny and hot I decided to wear a light and airy look. First I wanted to wear my new leather biker boots with this short but it was too damn hot and the boots were to wide at my calves. It did not look as pretty as I hoped it would 😉 

Finally this is the total outfit I wore that day. I am wearing my new VOGUE tee (Go get the June issue of the Dutch VOGUE and you will have one yourself!), Primark lace and denim shorts, BOHO hat, My Mochila bag by My Isabelli, jewelry from Indonesia, my Noosa Amsterdam bracelet and my easy flat Birkenstocks.

What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in a comment ^^

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Brands I love: Nike

brands love Nike Sarandipity

Hi there!

Sometimes in your life you find yourself loving a brand so much that you actually would love to wear outfits totally wearing this brand. This happens to me a lot with H&M but since a couple of months I renewed my love relationship with Nike as well.

I have ‘loved’ Nike ever since my first pair of Nike Airmax 90BW when I was a little raver chick haha. When I saw the Nike Dunk Sky High secret wedge sneakers a couple of months ago it immediately was on top of my shoe wishlist. I finally found them a couple weeks ago and now I have even more Nike stuff! Yay 😀

Read on for my full story on my love for Nike!

xoxo Saranda

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