Review: Long blonde hair, 1001extensions


Hi everyone,

I love my own hair, but always when I do something cool with it (for example curl it) the effect is gone within less than a couple of hours. My hair is pretty fine and thin and it’s, well, flat. So when I got a message from to try there product I was very curious and more than happy to review a set of hair extensions. Hoping on a full coupe with a little more volume and more thickness I tried the extensions, and I really like the result!!! Are you curious to see how I look with even longer blonde hair? Click on read more!

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The hair extensions from 1001extensions are 100% human (Indian) hair and come in a lot of different colors, two styles (curls or straight) and in four different lengths. I went for the light blonde, straight extensions in the 50cm length. The length is really long but I really wanted extensions which made my hair look longer and still being able to maybe cut the extensions in the right shape ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

As you can see in this photo the color I choose, light blonde, fits really nice with my own hair color! My own hair consists out of a lot of different shades of blonde and a little bit of darker blonde even at the back of my head, but with this color and the natural shades the extensions have I think the color matches really well!

Putting the extensions in was a little bit confusing for me since the instructions did not really work for me. My hair is so thin that the clips where showing. But luckily after a google search I found a dutch fashionbloggers youtube video about how she puts in her extensions and so it all worked out.

From the package of 7 extension mats I have now used 6! From bottom to top I have used one with 2 clips, one with 3 clips, the largest one with 4 clips, than one with 3 clips above the one with 4 clips and the two little ones with one clip at the sides (sort of next to the one with 3 clips). 

So I really like the result, I had a little bit more volume, but mostly I had thicker and longer hair! Here are some of the pro’s:

  • Quality of the human hair (color / strength)
  • The extensions do not glide out of my own hair
  • Effect of the extensions (longer and thicker hair)
  • Pricing, around โ‚ฌ55 when they are in sale ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Being able to change the length of your hair so quickly
Now some of the cons: 
  • You can still see clearly where my own hair ends (I hope this will be gone after cutting the extensions in the shape my own hair is cut) or I need to let my hair grow a lot longer ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I personally think it is a little hard to remove, maybe I am just to afraid to get my hair all tangled up
Over all I am really happy to have these extensions and I will definitely put them in for special occasions! What do you think of my long blonde hair?? 

Review: & Lady Gaga case


Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I received a great case for my iPhone from the dutch webshop is a webshop specialized in iPhone, iPod and iPad cases or sleeves but also sells other accessories and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 & S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

So first I am going to show you the lovely case I got!
Click on read more for the other pictures and the rest of this review!

So as you can see I chose this great white Lady Gaga case! I chose this one because the case looks plain white but actually has a prisma effect on the back which gives it that special effect and that little bit of glamour! 

I really love my new iPhone case, it suits very well on my phone (it is a hardcase which I normally don’t prefer) and it doesn’t make my phone look thicker or larger (which is normally the case with soft cases, so that’s the reason I had to try a hardcase ;)). The case looks lovely and I am in love with the prisma effect! Besides the prisma effect the case also has Lady Gaga’s signature as a detail on the button side, I love it! 

As I opened the packaging I found out there was not only a hardcase in the package, I also got some cool extra’s (a screenprotector including stuff to put it on and two home button stickers): 

And this is what the case looks on my iPhone 4S! I have some trouble capturing the prisma effect on the photo but you do see it a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Now about iPodhoes! 

The webshop is doing very well in my opinion! The webshop has won one of the Thuiswinkel Awards (a dutch price for good and reliable webshops)! 

Some of the best features from the webshop are the prices of their products (lower than I have seen on other webshops), the ordering and delivery process (if you order before 21:30, your order will be send the same day and you will receive it the next day!), their HUGE assortment and their discount actions (I really saw some cool stuff for lovely prices!)! I also think it is great that you have a lot of ways to pay for your order without paying extra! For example you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, iDEAL, Bank transfer and also with Paypal. 

Besides that the webshop is very clear so you can quickly find the case you are looking for. 

Over all I have had a great experience with this webshop and I will go back to this webshop for more if I ever need a new case or I want to buy some handy accessories for my iPhone!

Jazzy Belles Shop, webshop review

Hi all, 

Good evening! I know I have been a little absent lately and I just wanted to let you all know that I am not going anywhere and I am just very busy with work and professionalizing this blog! So I have some cool collaborations coming up one which this post is about.

Jazzy Belles Shop is a webshop just opened by Jazzmin Nilson from Jazzy Belles Life, this blogger had a dream to open her own shop and she just did it! How awesome is that?? Click on the famous read more button for more information on her shop!


PS: The moment GFC will shot down comes closer and closer and I saw some handy blogpost about how to convert your Google Reader feeds into your Bloglovin’ account! Read it HERE and HERE, hope to see you all on Bloglovin’!! <3 

In her webshop Jazzmin sells a lot of cool things I have truly never seen before! The items she sells are pretty cool and in this blogpost you can see some of my favorite pieces! In this lookbook document you can find more items from the shop and some styling ideas on how to wear them! 
By the way I really have found THE most AWESOME iPhone case I ever saw, check it out below! At the moment you can order through email, facebook or instagram! For more information I would like to redirect you to Jazzmin’s Facebook and blog. What do you think of the items?! Do you have a favorite?? Let me know!!

ShopAffaire review!

Hi all, 

You might have read it before but since I was so busy with my thesis I had to reward myself with some awesome gifts… Gifts really keep you motivated you know haha. So when I was ready with an important part, I went to buy myself something online… For example a SHM top or some AMAZING rings from ShopAffaire! 

And I must say, ShopAffaire is an amazing webshop! The owner really know’s where to find the best stuff, I swear! Hihi ๐Ÿ™‚ So I ordered two beauties from the webshop and got them very very quickly, I guess it was about two days later? And I just love them! 

Curious?? Check out the rest of the pictures!! 


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I also got the cute silver ring with a bow as an extra! How nice! <3 
How can you not LOVE this YSL look-a-like arty ring! <3 
Simple and very elegant!
So, did I convince you already to go and check out the webshop??
You can buy the lovely rings, and MUCH MUCH more (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, even bags and shawls!) on

Review: Color Riche LeSmoky from L’OREAL Paris

Picture from L’oreal Paris website

Hi all,

A few days ago my boyfriend got home from a L’Oreal presentation and workshop with a great goodiebag! Only one item for him and three for me! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

One of the items was a L’Oreal Color Riche LeSmokey eyeliner pencil with a smudge sponge at the other end. From the first time I saw it (damn that sounds weird, like if I am talking about a handsome stranger haha) I wanted to try it out so badly and immediately thought I am doing my first ever beauty review with this product! So here it is, my first beauty review thanks to L’Oreal and my boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Enjoy this post! xoxo
So at first I noticed, the pencil is slightly larger than my normal pencils because of the smudge sponge, no problem but it can be annoying as now it doesn’t fit in my little beauty bag I always carry around in my bag. 

At first I swatched the eyeliner pencil on my hand and I loved the cool pure black color from the pencil. The black color is very well concentrated and the pencil immediately leaves the perfect amount of black on your hand, and very important also on your eyelid and on the waterlines of your eyes. I was already happy haha. So that’s a big plus for sure.

I also swatched the pencil on my hand and smudged the line and that also went well. Time for testing it on for my daily make-up. There was a little bit of highlighting powder on my eyelid and I noticed the difference with my hand a lot! The blackness was the same but I had the idea the pencil didn’t smudge as nicely on my eye as it did on my hand…

Here you see the result!
In this picture you can see a bit of the result. The picture above my eye just after applying the LeSmoky eyeliner. As you can see the smudging didn’t go perfect but not bad either. In the corner of my eye it went great but the line was somewhat harder to smudge out. In the picture below you can see the difference. One eye totally ready, including Mascara from Sephora (LOVE IT!) and one eye naked except for some highlighting powder.

Must say I was happy with the result but I am curious if the eyeliner will work better without the highlight powder underneath. Will try that later.

In short the pro’s and cons: 

Great concentration of black
Simple applying
Stays on for long
Doesn’t smudge to places you don’t want to

Smudging doesn’t work perfectly
Pencil somewhat larger

Overall I just love the pencil, not much to complain about it!
What do you think of this make-up item? And what do you think of my first beauty review?

Let me know!