Review: Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington SarandaAdriana fashion blogger watch  leather classic york9

Ciao dearies,

A while ago I got in contact with Daniel Wellington, you know the brand which makes those timeless watches I always put in my wishlists? Well I finally have one! Or should I say two?!

Thanks to Daniel Wellington watches I received the Classic York Lady (the dark brown leather band with pattern) and I also received the Trinity lady nato strap! Which is perfect! Because now I can mix and match my watch with almost every outfit, just by switching the straps.

In the blogpost of today I am telling you all about my newest additions to my family of watches! I can already tell you I am in love with this watch, why? Read on and find out!


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PS: Read on for my Daniel Wellington discount code to get 15% off!

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Friday favorites – StyleTone beauty box

style tone beauty box review dutch fashion blog sarandaadriana

Ciao dearies,

When I went to the 50 Shades of Grey ladies night in Pathe last week, me and my friends discovered a new beauty box! Styletone is the former VIPbox and recently changed its name and concept. Sweet Rowan bought me one, thanks so much, so I could do a little review on my blog! Really thoughtful <3

A little bit about the box. For €12,50 you receive this month with 5(!) full size beauty products from new, or not so much known brands. This is a great and pretty cheap opportunity to discover new beauty products or perhaps even your new must have make-up product!

Curious to find out which products were in my Styletone box? Read on for the full story!


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Find fashion


Hi everyone,

You have probably all heard the news about the fashion Shazam that launched last week, called Style-Eyes. But doesn’t the concept sound familiar?? In September I wrote this article about Spot & Shop, a Dutch initiative from fashionista Nikky and Sanoma (yes the one from the magazines! ;))

Well today Spot & Shop launched their website ( and I though it would be nice to write a short opinion piece on both concepts! Both concepts look a lot a like and I think both concepts have a lot to offer! While Style-Eyes is very digital, and probably has a computer search for matching items (They do have to do some updating; I have come across a couple of weird mistakes haha), Spot & Shop is a community where fashionista’s can help each other. So other like minded people do the searching for you! This means more work I guess, but also more accurate results based on how fashionista’s look at it. 

If you are searching for a particular item, I think Spot & Shop is the way to go! Most fashionista’s find their items within 3 hours, WOW! But I think that if you are walking in the city, while you are shopping and you see an item on an advertisement or on a celeb via Instagram, I think it’s best to use Style-Eyes. You probably won’t get a perfect match, but something that looks like it. To me personally, both concepts are useful. The Spot & Shop website for when I have more time and are looking for a particular item. And the Style-Eyes app for immediate look-a-likes!

Have you already tried one or both of the concepts?? Ciao!!

Review: Cute phonecase,


Hi guys! 

A while a go I had contact with about a collaboration. So last week I received my new phonecase from the brand Rilakkuma, a cute case in the shape of a bear and a Rilakkuma dust cap! is a webshop which focuses on trendy, stylish, unique but handy phone accessories! They sell a great variety of phone cases (from silicone, hard case, flip case or a blinged phonecase) but also accessories like dust caps, color skins and home button stickers. At phonegeek you can really customize a lot of your Apple products, your Samsung Galaxy or bling your HTC one X! 

Click on read more for the full review 🙂

So now for the case I received, which is this one by the way: 

The case was deliverd in a bubblewrap envelop and in this plastic ziplock bag, the dust cap is also in this ziplock bag.

I love the case, it is very playfull, cute and it also covers my phone really well. I actually have the feeling that my phone will be fine if it should fall (I still won’t try it out by the way haha). What I also like is that the buttons from my iPhone still function really well (due to the buttons being sort of integrated in the case). The only thing I don’t like is that if I want to switch from silence to sound on or the other way around, I need to take the case (partly) from my phone to do so. Which is a little bit annoying when you are say, at a meeting or something formal. Also my phone is HUGE now, so my phone does not fit in my pocket anymore… But those really are the only downsides of this über cute phonecase! After testing this case for a while I really think this case does what it needs to do, protect my phone, and it is cute as well. I am very happy! 

Also I received a dust cap, which i actually use just because it is so cute haha. My dust cap is matching with my case, which really makes it extra cute! What do you think of this combination?!

I went for a duo package at the Phonegeek website, check out these other cute duo packages!

If you like my case, the duo packages I showed you and / or dust cap check out some of the other cool cases sells! Just as a nice extra I managed to get a discount code especially for my followers! Use the code Sarandipity at checking out and you receive a 10% on the whole assortment (valid untill 31-12-2013)

Let me know in a comment what you think of my cute new phonecase! 🙂 

Review: Long blonde hair, 1001extensions


Hi everyone,

I love my own hair, but always when I do something cool with it (for example curl it) the effect is gone within less than a couple of hours. My hair is pretty fine and thin and it’s, well, flat. So when I got a message from to try there product I was very curious and more than happy to review a set of hair extensions. Hoping on a full coupe with a little more volume and more thickness I tried the extensions, and I really like the result!!! Are you curious to see how I look with even longer blonde hair? Click on read more!

PS: don’t forget to join my Yves Rocher giveaway 😀

The hair extensions from 1001extensions are 100% human (Indian) hair and come in a lot of different colors, two styles (curls or straight) and in four different lengths. I went for the light blonde, straight extensions in the 50cm length. The length is really long but I really wanted extensions which made my hair look longer and still being able to maybe cut the extensions in the right shape 😉 

As you can see in this photo the color I choose, light blonde, fits really nice with my own hair color! My own hair consists out of a lot of different shades of blonde and a little bit of darker blonde even at the back of my head, but with this color and the natural shades the extensions have I think the color matches really well!

Putting the extensions in was a little bit confusing for me since the instructions did not really work for me. My hair is so thin that the clips where showing. But luckily after a google search I found a dutch fashionbloggers youtube video about how she puts in her extensions and so it all worked out.

From the package of 7 extension mats I have now used 6! From bottom to top I have used one with 2 clips, one with 3 clips, the largest one with 4 clips, than one with 3 clips above the one with 4 clips and the two little ones with one clip at the sides (sort of next to the one with 3 clips). 

So I really like the result, I had a little bit more volume, but mostly I had thicker and longer hair! Here are some of the pro’s:

  • Quality of the human hair (color / strength)
  • The extensions do not glide out of my own hair
  • Effect of the extensions (longer and thicker hair)
  • Pricing, around €55 when they are in sale 🙂
  • Being able to change the length of your hair so quickly
Now some of the cons: 
  • You can still see clearly where my own hair ends (I hope this will be gone after cutting the extensions in the shape my own hair is cut) or I need to let my hair grow a lot longer 😉
  • I personally think it is a little hard to remove, maybe I am just to afraid to get my hair all tangled up
Over all I am really happy to have these extensions and I will definitely put them in for special occasions! What do you think of my long blonde hair??