Primark the Hague opening event

primark the hague-den-haag-opening-fashion-blog-press-sarandaadriana-sarandipity9

Ciao dearies,

Last week I went to the opening event of the new Primark store in the Hague. I had not been to a Primark opening for a while so I was really really curious about the new store. Well the store proved the trip to the Hague worthwhile. The Primark from the Hague is just amazing!

After opening the Primark store in Eindhoven last year the Primark kept focussing on a more fashion atmosphere in the store. With this newest store they outdone themself I think. The store looked gorgeous, had a great overview and was well decorated. I was a bit amazed to be honest and I really loved shopping in this great new store!

The event started with a yummy breakfast, Christmas style of course, and after a little walk through the store the shopping spree could begin! Together with Taria-Ann from Frunettte we walked through the store for I think 1,5 hours. We started at the ground floor with ladies fashion, went totally upstairs to check out the home department and afterwards shopped some accessories on the first floor.

I saw some really cool things, like the pretty embellished clutches and box clutches. During this morning I scored 1 really fluffy cardigan (which I totally adore) and two sweaters. I also bought some lovely fragrance candles from the home department. A shoplog will follow soon as I did a lot of shopping lately!

Are you going to visit the new Primark the Hague anytime soon?


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The other part – Outfit post

outfit-sarandipity-fashion-blog-primark-dolcegabbana-otraparte-ootd-sarandaadriana8 the other part

Ciao ragazzi!

Today I want to show you a really cool look! Something that you normally don’t see on my blog, I think. This look is really mature and chic and it represents an other part of me. This other part is someone who is quiet insecure and wants to know if she is doing a good job, or maybe not and how she can get better at something.

I am a perfectionist and I am hyper sensitive as they call it. I mostly see this as an advantage as I am eager to learn and fast at learning, I know when and how to talk to people because I can sense their emotions in a strange way when I am around them, but it can make me really insecure as well.

This is something that I have always been but after looking for a job for more than a year, getting a lot of rejections it is a big change for me to be working for a company again. I try to do my best everyday and every minute I am at work but sometimes I feel I can do better but I do not always know how… The other part also means that I want to build something for myself, I want to get good at the things I do and I want to do everything I love, and not just a bit, but a lot haha. I want to be taken seriously while still remaining the fun, loving and creative person I am.

With this outfit I want to show you all the components of this other side of me. Someone who tries her best, works hard, is serious and a perfectionist but someone who loves to make fun, get creative and can be insecure sometimes as well. But above all, this look made me feel like a woman who knows what she wants and has the ability to get what she wants by being herself and working hard, chasing her dreams.

I am wearing a dress and cardigan from Primark, boots by DUO, bag from Otra-Parte (check out their facebook & website for some more gorgeous felt bags) and jewelry by Pandora and Ikki.

As usual I would love to hear your opinion. I am mostly wondering what you think of the feeling I am trying to get across with this look…

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HM & Sarandipity Loves Rotterdam – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi, buona sera!

After a busy day of visiting 5 press agencies and shooting a new look with my blogger babe Britt I can finally show you the full look I was wearing to the HMLovesRotterdam VIP opening party. As an employee of H&M and as a big fan of HM I decided to go for an all H&M outfit, of course! 😉

This is actually almost the same look as the look with this knitted sweater in the H&M Magazines, but I decided to spice things up a bit by wearing my Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers to make the chic / college style look somewhat more sporty and casual. Which is also a bit more me than a full college style look.

We were very lucky with the weather this day and these pictures turned out amazing! As a former Rotterdam-girl I love this town and it always feels a bit like coming home. Which is quiet strange since I never felt at home in the Rotterdam atmosphere when I still lived there. Maybe the city just goes a little bit too fast for me… But sometimes it is good to run for a train and catch it while it is already leaving the platform. Jumping on a moving train is a good way to get a head start when it comes to making changes for the better.  Right now I am starting with some very cool new projects like writing for and trying to make a living out of my blog. Yes some really cool things are coming up I think and I am pursuing my dreams, finally! 🙂

I am wearing; Knitted sweater, white oversized blouse and faux-leather pants – All H&M, necklace – Primark and sneakers – NIKE.

Let me know what you think of this look and if you have any tips for starting up my own company you are welcome to share these as well!

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Outfit sneak peek – H&M party

fashion-blogger-outfit sneak peek-outfit-ootd fashion-blogger-outfit sneak peek-ootd2

Ciao ragazzi,

After a long week of working long days and making some money I am back to blogging again! This next two weeks I will do a lot of blog related stuff like visiting some PR agencies to see the new collections and besides that I have a lot of new looks to shoot!

Later today, some where in the evening, I will show you this full look. But for now it will only be this little outfit sneak peek. It was the look I was wearing to the H&M VIP opening party and of course I am wearing a lot of H&M in this look.

Can’t wait to show you more gorgeous and fun pictures I made with my blogger babe! For now, enjoy this little sneak peek and let me know whether you are curious about the other pictures or not 😉


MEGA fall shoplog


Ciao ragazzi,

Normally I am not that much of a big shopper, I order or buy things when I happen to see them when I am shopping with a friend or am browsing different online shops for fun. But last two weeks I actually have already purchased everything that I still needed for my winter wardrobe. At least I now know I am ready for the weather to get colder hihi.

So the reason for this MEGA FALL SHOPLOG is because well, it really is pretty HUGE, at least for me haha. And besides that most of these items came to me in a really cool way and I am really truly lucky hihi.

First of all the items I bought at H&M during National Glamour day!
I bought three diffrenent sweaters, two of them very very fluffeehh (it’s so fluffeeh I’m gonna die!!) From top to bottem, the first one is a more classic knitted sweater from wool which original price is €29,99, the second one is very very fluffy and has a normal fit (original price €29,99) and the third one is very fluffy as well but has a more over-sized fit which makes it the perfect casual piece! The third sweater is €19,99.

But, I bought more at H&M! Read on to see all the other items as well 🙂

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