Personal: Instadiary February


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Hi everyone,

March has already started a week a go and still I have not shared last months Instagram diary with you all… Since my month was not super special and actually quite boring, I decided to make it a short diary this time with the focus on a couple of cool things. First I have shot a couple of photos with Britt from Britta Maxime and last Monday (I know that was March already haha) I also went shooting with Kelly from We Heart Fashion. It’s always lovely to shoot with fellow fashion bloggers since they know what to do, how you like your pictures and how the outfit will look best.  Besides that I loved my evening classes from the course of fashion journalism (yesterday I had my last class but I will tell you more about the course later) and besides that I loved the Soiree Magnifique event from Mr. Goodiebag! Fun workshops, lovely people, nice networking opportunities and of course a great goodiebag :D. 

From left to right top to bottom:
1. VOGUE for dogs, DOGUE haha

2. Selfie with Britt after our outfit shoots
3. Nerdy selfie with a very very fake pair of glasses (without glass)
4. Yummy breakfast with strawberry yoghurt, al bran muesli with fruits and goji berries
5. Inspiration day, information from my course of fashion journalism and two lovely magazines
6. I am in love with this necklace from Zara, I need it! <3
7. Fun and a lot of love, together with Dagmar, Anne, Lois and Ingeborg at Soiree Magnifique 🙂
8. One of the photos from my shoot with Kelly, I just love this picture.

9. Last but not least one of the looks I shot with Britt last month, her Balenciaga bag is gorgeous!

Well I hope you liked this short Instadiary and I hope you’ll have a lovely day 🙂

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Personal: things I love (inspired by afterDRK)


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Hi everyone,

Around Valentinesday I saw a cute blogpost on and I decided to do something like this as well. Not exactly the same, since her post was about 15 random things she loves. I am going to tell you about some more things I love in a couple of themes. First op, Fashion of course!! <3 

  1. Pastels! I am in love with pastels, mostly pink and blue. These colors are just so easy to style!
  2. Skater skirts, I love them and I still need to buy me one, or two, or three 😉
  3. Haute Couture and other fashion shows, oh how I wish I could visit every Fashion Week
  4. The pantone color of this year, Radiant Orchid! <3  
  5. Fedora hats, still looking for the perfect fedora for me ^^
  6. Chanel, Balenciaga, Céline, Vlieger & van Dam, I am talking about it-bags!
  7. Faux fur, I love things that are hug-able hihi
  8. Black and white, what is not to love about that <3

Want to know more about the things I love? I also wrote down my love for things withing beauty and lifestyle. 


Beauty loves:
  1. Creamy eyeshadow! I love the color tattoo’s from Maybelline
  2. Lipsticks, I am a huge lipstick collector, reds, pinks, plums everything ^^
  3. Sauna masks from Montange Jenesse, probably my favorite mask…
  4. Trying new skincare, yesterday I bought a new product from Clinique, the superdefense spf20 moisturizer
  5. Swatching new items in the drugstores hihi <3
  6. Massages! 
Lifestyle loves:
  1. Waking up early and actually start doing stuff asap, which I most of the times don’t do <– note to self: I should get more productive 🙂
  2. Having a breakfast with baked buns, croissants and a boiled egg. Yumm!! ^^
  3. Travelling, oh how I wish I’d be on an airplane like right now haha
  4. Summer, feeling the sun on my skin, I love it
  5. Cleaning up my beauty inventory, I love the trance you can get in if you are cleaning up
  6. Akita Inu’s <3 
  7. Orchid’s, in my humble opinion some of the most beautiful flowers in the world ^^
  8. Watching tv series, starting with new tv series. I think this is one of my addictions haha
  9. Surfing, I love to surf although I am not quite that good yet but it’s just super awesome!
  10. Photography
  11. Baking, although I don’t like most pies I love baking homemade apple pie (which I do love to eat haha) or special stuff like Pandan Cake or Terang Bulan! <3
  12. Making lists, to do lists for example
  13. Listening to music, nothing as relaxing as listening to music ^^
  14. Blogging, of course!
  15. Spending time with family, friends, fellow bloggers, readers, like-minded people. 
What do you think of this list?

Valentines day: the Sarandipity boyfriend tag


Happy Valentines day everyone!
Hi lovely followers,
As I told you in my previous blogpost I really wanted to do the boyfriend tag today so here it is! Although he is not very keen on being in the spotlight he filled in the questions hihi… Since the boyfriend tag is super cute but not always with the most cool questions I thought, how bout personalize the tag a bit. So this tag is really a Sarandipity boyfriend tag haha 😉If you like it please use it, maybe you can link back? That would be great!
Well here we go, have fun reading!! 🙂

When and where did we first meet?
Mayk: We met somewhere in the afternoon at a pier in Rovinj.
Me: True, during my first vacation without my parents I met you in Rovinj, Croatia. 
What was our first ‘date’ ?
Mayk: Some dinner somewhere :p
Me: Haha probably true, since we did not actually date before we got to be a couple we don’t know this exactly 😉 Fun fact 😉
How did we become official?
Mayk: We registered our names and legislation under the official couples representatives act of 2008.
Me: LOL, it was actually pretty funny. After you got back from vacation you came to my place with a few friends and since you and me lived so far apart back then my parents let you guys stay overnight. Then I send you a text with something saying, xoxo your girlfriend? Hihi ^^
When did you first meet my parents?
Mayk: 30 seconds after I met you for the second time.
Me: Haha that’s pretty accurate I guess 🙂
What was the most epic experience we had together?
Mayk: Our roadtrip with the motorbikes in Crete, Greece?
Me: Yes that was awesome! But I do think every vacation we went on together was amazing!
What is my biggest dream?
Mayk: To be happy.
Me: Yeah probably haha, my dreams always tend to shift.
What do I do when I am bored?
Mayk: Nothing useful, checking Facebook and watching tv-series 😛
Me: That’s true I’m afraid 😉
How long do I take to get ready in the morning?
Mayk: Your morning “routine” takes about 1 minute. One second is spent in getting out of bed, then about 9 seconds for making breakfast, followed by 49.9 seconds of thinking what clothing to wear today :P, and then 0.1 seconds to actually put them on. Everything else is done en route. Pretty accurate. *replace the word seconds by minutes during the weekends.
Me: Pretty accurate indeed, especially when I am in a hurry! 
When did we move to Eindhoven?
Mayk: If u mean as in, when was our first night here I actually don’t know. Maybe the weekend after my bday?
Me: Correct! 
Name one unfortunate moment we really laughed about afterwards?
Mayk: The puke festival in the train, haha.
Me: Haha yeah that was super embarrassing :p
What do you think I like about you the most?
Mayk: My fun loving caring personality accompanied with dat amazing supamodel baoddi ;]
Me: <3 
What do I like to watch on television?
Mayk: ehmmm not sure whatsitcalled. Some kind of high-school vampires singing songs while communicating in sign language like everyone is deaf? And then there is this other show about 4 little liars being chased by someone called A. Me: I watch to much tv series haha

Name a type of food I hate…
Mayk: Peanuts
Me: Bluhhhh indeed I don’t like peanuts.
sarandipity boyfriend tag valentines day lifestyle fashion personal
We are out for dinner, what drink do I order?

Mayk: Probably Coca Cola
Me: Or water, or sweet white whine.
What is my shoe size?
Mayk: 38
Me: Correct! 
If I were to be a collector, what would I collect?
Mayk: Nailpolish probably!
Me: Yes, I love nailpolish! And besides that designer bags I think hihi ^^
What is my favourite breakfast and my favorite sandwich?
Mayk: That would be croissants and your favorite sandwich is a tosti with ham and cheese.
Me: Yummmm <3 
What is the color of my eyes?
Mayk: bluegreygreenish
Me: Hihi that is kinda true, I don’t know about the green though..
You’re baking a cake for my birthday, what’s my favorite?
Mayk: she no like cake :/
Me: I do love ‘kersenvlaai’ and simple cupcakes but indeed I do not like cake or most pies :p
What is an unique talent of mine?
Mayk: correctly guessing songs and remembering da lyricz
Me: Haha thats true 😀
How long are you together?
Mayk: 5.5 year + 14 days – 3 days..
Me: Correct!! 😀

Personal: Instadiary January


fashion blog sarandipity amsterdam dutch the netherlands fashionweek instagram personal diary

Hi everyone,

I am back again! 😀 After a couple of huge and important deadlines for my course of fashion journalism I am now back to blogging… Since it’s already the 8th of February an instadiary blogpost about January is perfect, right?? 🙂 

January was a busy month, starting my fashion journalism course, events, Amsterdam FashionWeek and lots of blogger dates! Although I have been pretty busy with lots of stuff, most of the things are relaxing too. I just love the course I am following and events are cool (most of the times). Besided that Amsterdam FashionWeek was a-ma-zing and meeting my blogger babes is always super fun and a good way to relax and spend your time! 

Want to know a bit more about these pictures? Click on the button and you’ll find out a bit more about what I did in January! 🙂


From left to right top to bottom:
1. Shooting day and blogger date with lovely Nathalie Kemna and Wendy van Soest… We actually shot three (!) outfits on one day… per person that is (9 in total) 😀
2. Wendy taking pictures of Nathalie, a nice behind the scene photo.
3. Selfie with my blogger babe Nathalie and my ilovefashionbloggers case. This photo was made after shooting our outfits and just before the new years drink from ilovefashionbloggers at BoCinq.
4. A selfie, wearing a fedora hat for the first time… What do you guys think, should I buy one?
5. This outfit was for a contest from Fresh Communications, I loved the items sooo much but unfortunately I did not win 😉
6. Shopping with Virgit from Preppy Fashionist about a week before Amsterdam FashionWeek (preparation is super important!)… At the end I bought this lovely blouse online, thank God for H&M online discount codes 😀
7. Selfie with Virgit after our outfit shoot and shopping session, time to go back to Eindhoven again… 
8. Woohoo! Amsterdam FashionWeek exists 10 years! Happy anniversary to Amsterdam FashionWeek! 
9. Aargh, stress!! What am I going to wear on day …. of Amsterdam FashionWeek 😉 Thanks for whatsapp and blogger friends who are always willing to help! <3

fashion blog sarandipity amsterdam dutch the netherlands fashionweek instagram personal diary

From left to right top to bottom:
1. Another styling session in my messy bedroom… This was the outfit I chose to wear on my first day at Amsterdam FashionWeek
2. My second outfit I wore at FashionWeek, I just had to pose with this shiny disco SMART car haha 😉
3. A regram from Fashionista Chloe, I loved the SuperTrash show soooo much, thans to Britt from Britta Maxime for taking me!
4. At the Winde Rienstra fashionshow, gorgeous collection but dear God, check out those sky-scraper-heels! :O 
5. Posing with Nathalie at the Vita Coco stand during FashionWeek haha
6. May from OHMAYGOD made this cool picture of me during the Bloggerswalk with Bloggernet… The walk was so much fun and it was lovely to talk with everyone. Thank you Wannemakers, Snaptraveller, Cityhotspotter and BDMNR for everything! 
7. I love this necklace, the gold and the stones matched my first AFW outfit very well. My lovely friend Siham gave me this jewel for my birthday, thanks dear!! <3 Nathalie made this gorgeous detail photo during our outfit shoot <3
8. One of the photos I made during the show from Tony Cohen at AFW 🙂
9. And last but not least, my last outfit (which I also wore at fashionweek but shot here in my hometown Eindhoven) 🙂

Soooo, what do you guys think of my busy january? 
Let me know in a comment as usual,

xoxo Saranda

Personal: Instagram & photo diary


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Hi everyone,

Last couple of weeks has been pretty busy with some awesome things and so I thought it would be time for a personal instagram & photo diary. So today I will tell you a bit about all the things I have done lately.

First a lovely New Years drink from ilovefashionbloggers I went to last wednesday evening! In the afternoon before the drink I went shooting with the lovely Nathalie and I think the pictures turned out just lovely! More about that later. Together we went to the NY drink and dinner actually at Bo Cinq (a very special restaurant, bar and wine bar). The dinner was just lovely, very special also and after the dinner we had a private ilovefashionbloggers wine tasting. Even better, the small bites with the wine tasting were delicious! We even got a small performance from Andre Heuvelman. He played a classical piece from Bach and it was lovely to just sitback and relax while listening to this beautiful music! 

Read more for more photos and info 🙂

ilovefashionbloggers sarandipity dutch fashion blog saranda personal diary photography fashionbloggers styling inspiration outfit ootd
ilovefashionbloggers sarandipity dutch fashion blog saranda personal diary photography fashionbloggers styling inspiration outfit ootd border=
ilovefashionbloggers sarandipity dutch fashion blog saranda personal diary photography fashionbloggers styling inspiration outfit ootd

Besides the ilovefashionbloggers New Years drink I also went to the bloggers event from FRESH communications where I had to style and outfit. You can read more about this ‘event’, I was actually already there before the event even started haha, in this blogpost.

ilovefashionbloggers sarandipity dutch fashion blog saranda personal diary photography fashionbloggers styling inspiration outfit ootd

As you know I also had a couple of dates with my fellow blogger girlfriends Nathalie, Wendy and on Saturday I had a date with Virgit! The results from the shoot last Sunday with both Wendy and Nathalie are already been published but here you see some other photos as wel! 🙂

Last but not least I started with the course of fashion journalism last week! Of course I will keep you up to date about this education! So far I am super excited and I love it! 😀

ilovefashionbloggers sarandipity dutch fashion blog saranda personal diary photography fashionbloggers styling inspiration outfit ootd

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. Outfit number 1 from the Sunday three in a row shoot with Nathalie and Wendy! <3
2. Shopping with Virgit, to buy or not to buy this white blazer?
3. Selfie with Nathalie after shooting wednesday afternoon before the NY drink, we both love ilovefashionbloggers! 😀
4. Selfie with both Wendy and Nathalie! <3 
5. Outfit number 2 from the Sunday three in a row shoot with Nathalie and Wendy! <3
6. Wendy and Nathalie shooting during the Sunday three in a row shoot 😉
7. Mint tea from Nathalie and my white chocolat milk, it looks weird but it tasted pretty funny haha. 
8. Selfie with the lovely Virgit! <3
9. Outfit number 3 from the Sunday three in a row shoot with Nathalie and Wendy! <3

Have a lovely week every one! 

xoxo Saranda