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Hi everyone,

Last week Dagmar tagged me in the Another Blogging tag. In this tag I will probably answer a lot of questions you might have. Have fun reading and let me know should you have any other questions left!
What would you like to change on your blog and what would you like to keep it the way it is?
For now I would like to keep most things the way it is. But I would love to post more often and also more outfits. My lay-out is pretty okay but I do think that it is time to change my header someday soon. Maybe something that represents my current style a little bit more.
What I would love to know: What would you like to see more often on my blog?
Are you the only one behind Sarandipity?

I am the only person working on the posts, social media et cetera. But I do have people who regularly make my outfit photos. Most of the times the photos are made by my boyfriend, Kelly from We Heart Fashion or Britt from BrittaMaxime.

Click on the read more button for the rest of the questions ^^
xoxo Saranda

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Personal: Happy Challenge week #1


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Happy Monday! 

Most of the days I don’t really look forward to Monday, but today it’s different. Not only because I am going to see my lovely friend Dagmar (who is always super positive and I love her for that), not because I will be shopping at the newly opened Primark in Nijmegen, but because I will start the HAPPY Challenge. 

I have always been a very sensitive person and although I am a whole lot tougher than I have been before, I still tend to get stressed out, nervous and insecure pretty fast. For example when things at work don’t go the way I want them to go, or when I just take to much weight on my shoulders. I have noticed last week that when this happens, after the stress I get tired and very unhappy with my situation.

Time for a different approach on life! For the next 10 weeks and more I will be joining the HAPPY Challenge and we will see what happens. I might even join the challenge and I will work on my personal development.

Week #1 of the HAPPY Challenge is all about my values. What are my values and what do these mean to me… Click on read more to find out 


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My values, thinking about this and deciding which values are most important to me took some time. I think it’s pretty hard to pick only a couple of values but I did my best 😉
First: Love 
To me love is so important. From the moment you have been born until you grow old, love is something you need as a person. Not only to get it, but also to share love and give love to the people around you. Being a loving and friendly person is one of the essential values for me in my life. I always try to be loving, friendly and helpful to other people.
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Second: Openness (which to me includes trust and respect)
In my humble opinion everyone should be open to one another. By being open, truthful and respectful the world would be a little bit better I think. Trusting each other is very important when opening up to other people. Respect as well, since everyone has their own opinion, background, culture, habits etc. and these should be respected. Openness is also about having an open view on the world and being open to experience new and different things.
Third: Freedom
Freedom is very important to me, freedom to speak, freedom to form an opinion, freedom to do the things I love. But more importantly freedom to go where you want to go, to feel, to choose, to be yourself.
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And then number four and five, which are inherent with this challenge, are happiness and being able to dream.
Happiness should not be a destination but happiness should be a road, the way to go in life. And well being able to dream, dreaming big and achieving your goals should be valued more in this society.
Let’s get happy! ^^

(This super HAPPY Pharrell song just has to be shared with this post, including the lyrics and some super cute Despicable Me minions… hihi)

Personal: My life in 20 questions – tag


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Hi everyone, 

Last week I got tagged by fellow blogger and lovely friend Dagmar to do the My life in 20 questions tag. Well here it is: My life in 20 questions 🙂

Have fun reading and please feel free to ask me any more questions you would like me to answer! I always love Q&A’s ^^

Happy Monday lovely followers <3 


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Favorite color: My favorite color probably is blue. From pastel baby blue to cobalt. I love it all!
Favorite number: 15, I don’t know why… It probably should be 40 since my name means 40 in Greek and I am born on 4 October but nope, it’s 15 haha.
Dream career: I would love to have my own company where I can combine my biggest passions, fashion, psychology, writing and reading.
Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own? I already live on my own, together with my lovely boyfriend hihi. But in the end I don’t think I would stay in the Netherlands my whole life. Maybe New York someday? For now I am very happy with where I live… I do miss some animals though 😉
Favorite way to travel: By plane, I love travelling long distances. But just in Holland, by car I think. I love driving, music on, singing, laughing out loud over the horrible radio jokes.

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What do you do in your free time? I do a lot of different things. Hanging out with friends, meeting up with fellow bloggers, watching a bunch of TV series, reading, listening to music. 
Favorite clothing stores: I really like Zara at the moment but I like H&M a lot as well.. My favorite online clothing store is
Who would you like to see in concert? Metallica. I love rock music and I would really like to experience a concert of these guys. Last week I was thinking how these guys are pretty old already and maybe I will never see them perform on stage. That would be a bummer…
Favorite tea blend? Fresh Moroccan mint tea, yumm!
Do you collect anyting? Books and nailpolish haha. I actually have a lot of books that I still need to read. I really feel like it’s time to finally read all these books this year ^^
I can’t sleep without: A blanket, even during the summer I need to have (a very thin) blanket over me in some way haha. 
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If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it? I would travel the world, see all the places I want to visit. Afterwards I would buy (or maybe it still has to be designed & build) my dream house, a car for my boyfriend and myself. I would also invest with a part of the money and I would help my family with things they couldn’t do before. 

Favorite make-up brand? My favorite make-up brand is Maybelline. I love their products a lot and I am very happy with most of the items I buy from them. I also love L’oreal a lot, mostly their lipsticks! Furthermore I really like brands like Dior, YSL and Chanel but I just can’t afford these brands.
Favorite treat to eat? Italian Icecream and Lasagna!! <3 

What is your favorite season? Spring and summer, I love the sunshine, the flowers, the chirping birds, the soft breeze. And besides that I love going to the beach hihi.
Do you sleep with your doors open or closed? Closed, no idea why haha.
Why did you start blogging? I first started blogging in January 2012 but that did not work out very well because I did not have a lot to say and to blog about. Then in January 2013 I started again with pretty much a whole clean slate and I had a topic to write about, fashion. Blogging started as a creative outlet. But besides that also the eager want in me to have my own space whether online or offline to write and share everything I liked or loved. 
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Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Nope, I love a lot of different magazines like VOGUE, L’Officiel, Elle, Cosmopolitan and much more. Therefore I just regularly check out the new editions in the bookstores and then I buy only the ones I really want to have. The other ones I scan quickly in the bookstore itself hahahaha. 
What were you doing at 12AM last night? Trying to sleep, pretty boring  I guess. Normally I am blogging around that time 😉
Favorite perfume? I am in love with my YSL L’elixer fragrance! This is definitely my favorite at the moment I am sure that when this one is empty I am going to buy a new one.
What did you think of this blogpost? Let me know in a comment! 

Short hair don’t care…


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Hi lovely followers,

A big reveal today haha, or well I think it’s something pretty big 😉 I have always had my hair long, always tried to let it grow longer and longer. But lately I noticed my hair was not really healthy at the ends. Nothing helped and my hair was actually a mess. When it was windy outside I really hat trouble brushing my hair afterwards. So when I made an appointment at the hairdresser this week I knew I wanted something different. A coupe that would make my hair healthy again and that would not be too short. For a couple of months I have been looking at a long bob and yesterday I just did it. I went with a long, or outgrown, bobline. Super scarry but so far I am really happy with it. I do miss my long hair a bit but hey, hair grows back. And this coupe is just what I was looking for right now!

What do you guys think of my shorter coupe? Let me know in a comment ^^

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outgrown bobline long bob hairstyle fashion blogger

And hey, lets share a goofy picture as well haha 😀
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Fashion Journalism by Grazia & Fontys


Hi all,

Last Thursday I had my final evening class of the Fashion Journalism course organized by Fontys Hogescholen and Grazia. The course has been super useful and I learned a lot about fashion, writing, journalism, interviews, online media, magazines, blogging and even marketing. It all has been a great adventure and every evening I went home with a bunch of new found inspiration and positivity. Something I was looking for and kind of needed. Besides a lot of new knowledge and inspiration this course also gave me more self-esteem and dreams. Being a fashion journalist might be the career and dream I need to pursue.. Who knows? 😉 And of course I need to mention the beautiful friendship with Britt and Dagmar, you girls are the best and I will miss you every Thursday evening hihi <3

I would like to thank Fontys Hogescholen and Grazia for organizing this course and for giving me this wonderful opportunity… 🙂

Click on the read more button for some more photo’s (most pictures are made by Dagmar by the way, thanks dear!) and the most important things I learned during this super interesting course of Fashion Journalism. 


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Getting my certificate from Grazia Editor in Chief Hilmar Mulder
Big thanks to Jan from Fontys Hogescholen Journalisitiek
Together with Britt and Dagmar! We graduated, yay! 😉 
I learned a lot during the course of Fashion Journalism.

The first evening class Harriet Calo (fashion illustrator and blogger) told us to always stay elegant since you will be likely to meet someone more than once. She also told us that you need to show the world you are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams (and that working experience can also be delivering the newspaper everyday for 5 years haha). 

The Dames van Dale told us to always do your research and run the extra mile. You should always try to know and do more than your colleagues. Seems logical, right? On the third evening fashion journalist Karin Kuijpers told us that you should be curious as a fashion journalist and that you should always show courage. I really loved her honesty and wow, this power woman is just bold! 

Rinke Tjepkema from the Dutch VOGUE showed me personally that it is not always the right education that matters. She had practically the same background (Pscyhology) as me and actually ended up in the fashion world at one of the most awesome magazines there is. This was so inspiring for me! Besides that Rinke Tjepkema gave us some do’s and don’s within online media. More online media stuff, Kirsten Jassies from Blogtoday and Anouk Bos from Creators of Desire gave us some tips about blogging. They told us that as a blogger you should always be where the buzz is, for example Fashion Weeks.

On the last evening Carolien Vader from told us about the Psychology behind Marketing, super interesting and a heads up for me. Psychology is everywhere, yay!

During this last evening class we also got feedback on our articles and other assingments. We ended the course with a glass bubbles and all got our certificates. Now the course is over and I still have not figured out what I am going to do with my Thursday evenings haha. Ah well, we will see 😉

Have a lovely day! xoxo Saranda