Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week – Jean Paul Gaultier


Hi lovely followers,

As I promised this morning I would love to share some amazing Haute Couture designs from the Haute Couture PFW with you guys! I always love to watch Haute Couture, even when it’s just a picture… (I imagine it would be way more amazing to experience a Haute Couture show in real life but so far that dream has yet to come true haha). 

Today I would like to share my favorite designs from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture show during the special Paris Fashion Week. The designs where truly magical and super intriguing. Jean Paul Gaultier mixed very bright and deep colors with black and white. Easy to say, the looks were just very extraordinary! I loved most of the looks from this fashion show but the ones I’ll show you in this blogposts are definitely my favorites? Why? Because most of these designs made me think of nature, how water can look deep blue during the day and black during the nigh for example. The second look represents earth and soil, the third (very obvious) beautiful butterflies and the forth look makes me thing of red blooming poppy. The last two looks make me think of life and death, where the black look re-ensembles loss and the white look stands for new life or love.

What do you guys think of these gorgeous designs? Let me know in a comment!

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Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week – Vionnet


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Pictures from VOGUE.nl 

Hi guys,

Finally I am back home in Eindhoven after an A-MA-ZING but exhausting Fashion Week experience! Last week I opened Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam with the only down-town activity I joined but it was super usefull and I do not regret going to the readings from Fashionchick.nl 

This seasons Fashion Week was amazing and it was also a great to have so much fun with my lovely blogger friends! I am still a bit tired but I am working on editing my photo’s from the shows and the outfit shoots I did. So you guys can expect some cool blogposts this week!

Stay tuned for all my Amsterdam Fashion Week stories! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

For now I just wanted to show you my two favorite looks from the Vionnet show during the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week (PFW). In both dresses I just love the use of fabrics, sheer versus opaque and textured against smooth. In the dress on the right I also just love the colors! They combine so perfectly together in this dress that it’s magical. 

More about Haute Couture PFW later ๐Ÿ™‚ What do you think of these two dresses?