La femme Parisienne – Outfit

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La femme Parisienne
‘Et L’amour? If the Italian dominates the game we call flirtation, the mademoiselle owns the tournament we call seduction.’


When I went to Paris Fashion Week, a couple of months ago, it was my second time visiting the city of love. Naturally I brought my camera and some of my favourite outfits. Although I was only in Paris for just a couple of days for my job, I did get the opportunity to stroll around the city and shoot my all-time favourite in between seasons look!

Strolling around in Paris I felt like a true Parisian woman, therefore I called this look ‘La femme Parisienne’. The Parisian woman. That’s all I can say about this look. Sometimes a look doesn’t need words, it just needs photos describing the Parisian feeling 🙂

Leather jacket: Oakwood
Top: Zara
Backpack: Zara
Sunglasses: Chloé
Skirt: Zara
Chelsea boots: Asos

What do you babes think, do I look like la femme Parisienne?


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Paris Fashion Week: Nina Ricci


Hi everyone,

I still had a couple of Paris Fashion Week shows to share with you. One of my favorite fashion shows was this one from Nina Ricci. The designs look sophisticated, feminine with an edgy touch and playfulness. What I loved about this show was the simplicity in some looks, for example look 2 and 3, while still having original lines that catch your attention. 

For me it was pretty difficult to pick out a favorite look at first. But after buying some floral, soft colored, sweet and feminine items last weeks I now know it’s definitely look number 4. 
I am in LOVE with the floral jumpsuit, the simplicity and the way the design falls smoothly over the model. The soft colored print, the perfect old dust pink fluffy coat, the pink pumps. Everything fits just perfect! 

But hey, I also love the dresses from looks 5 and 6, which are just drop dead gorgeous! I do think the left gown has a little bit of a Valentino feel but that does not bother me a bit haha. 

What do you think of this lovely collection and which one is your favorite design?

Xoxo Saranda

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Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga & Christian Dior

balenciaga design fall fashion fur sarandipity balenciaga coat bordeaux wool waistbelt sarandipity

Hi girls,

How has your weekend been? My weekend has been super busy but very fun as well. Yesterday I had a whole lot of work to do so monday was pretty tough haha. But hey, I survived! Yay 😉

Today I would like to share some of my favorite looks from the Balenciaga and Christian Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. Both of the collections really had my interest. I really liked shapes from the Balenciaga designs. Both round and square items as well. I also loved how Balenciaga used differents structures, soft silky Satin, Wool, Fur and more. I really have a hard time choosing a favorite from the four Balenciaga looks I selected haha. Which one is your favorite?

Read more for the other two Balenciaga looks and my opinion on the Christian Dior Fashion show 🙂


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balenciaga sarandipity fashion blog blogger knitted sweater asymetric balenciaga satin shoulder detail fashion blog sarandipity

My two favorite looks from the Christian Dior show. I really love the hint of pink in boots these two outfits. Pink can be a very powerful color while it is still super feminine and kind of cute. In the right design pink is the main color but in the left look it’s just a subtle detail. I really like how Dior used different structures in one dress in the left design. From sporty and fierce the dress turns more soft and flowy from the waist down. It makes the whole outfit more subtle and feminine in my opinion. 

Which one of these two looks do you like best?

Christian Dior paris sarandipity pink detail dress design Christian Dior sarandipity fashion blog pink pastel pop color yellow fierce design frech parisienne

Haute Couture favorites: Chanel, Dior & Valentino


fashion blog sarandipity haute couture favorites chanel dior giambattista valli valentino

Hi everyone,

I am way behind on watching the fashion week shows from New York and London, bad bad blogger haha. But I will try to discuss some of my favorite shows from NYFW this week. First I would really like to show you my final favorites from the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

I really thought about these favorites a lot since I had a lot of favorite looks haha. But this designs are definitely gorgeous! Above you can see my favorite look from the Chanel Haute Couture show (I love the holographic trend!!), two of my favorite dresses / gowns from Giambattista Valli and on the richt my favorite from the Dior Haute Couture show. What I most loved about these shows where the use of pastels and brighter pops of color as well. For example the dresses from Giambattista Valli show that bright deep colors match just perfectly with pastels! YAY for that 😀

Now my most favorite show from the Haute Couture fashion week in Paris was the show from Valentino. My love for this designer and his sense of fashion is growing huge and therefore I could not resist but show you all of my favorite designs from his Haute Couture show in Paris.

Hopefully you’ll like these gorgeous gowns as much as I do!

Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week – Atelier Versace & Armani Prive


Hi guys,

How has your Saturday been so far? Mine has been really chill, just relaxing, watching the Dutch skaters win 3(!) medals on the 5000 meter and trying to blog as much as possible. 

As you might have read I love watching the photo’s of a fashion show when I have not been to that particular show. Well, I am way behind on showing you guys my favorites from the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week and so I wanted to share with you some more awesome looks from the catwalk! Today I will show you my most loved designs from two fashion designers; Atelier Versace and Armani Prive.

I loved their collections a lot! Check out my favorites and let me know what you personally think! Have a lovely evening 🙂 


The following looks and the looks you can see above are from the Atelier Versace line. I really loved the colors Versave used for this Haute Couture collection. These looks all have a glamorous feeling and are just super sexy as well! My favorite look is the third look from the looks below, I love the materials, the one sleeve and the way this dress shows pretty much one whole leg haha. 

At this collection I really was fascinated with the ‘hoods’… It really made me think about one of Kylie Minoque’s clips haha 😉

The next favorites are from the Armani Prive line. I just love how this collection played with cultures. The use of fabrics, colors, prints and textures looks just amazing! Gorgeous dresses in my opinion! <3 

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