Nominated by Stylefruits!


Good evening everyone, 

I have some lovely news, first of all, I am slowly getting my inspiration back! And second I am nominated as Insiders Tip of the Month December by Stylefruits! 

Stylefruits is a website where you can style outfits, check out the latest musthaves, join styling contests and you can also ask all of your style and fashion questions to the Stylefruits community! So as you can imagine it really is an honor and a pleasure to be nominated by Stylefruits! By the way, congratulations as well to Yan Yan from Peanutbutter & Fairytales who I met a couple of weeks ago at the OONA PR pressday!

On the fashionblog from Stylefruits they wrote a little piece about my blog: Sarandipity: Ben je op zoek naar inspiratie? Kijk dan eens op Saranda’s blog en let dan vooral op de trend reports! Die laten je zien waar zij haar inspiratie vandaan haalt en geven haar stijl perfect weer, maar zijn voor ons ook een enorme bron van inspiratie. Byebye uren het internet afstruinen naar inspiratiebronnen, hallo Sarandipity!”

Meaning they really like my blog for the inspirational blogpost and the trend reports! They even say you should not look further on the internet and stick with my blog for your daily dose of inspiration! Thanks for the amazing compliment Stylefruits!! 

Now you all can help me win, vote for me HERE !! Thank you so much in advance! 🙂