Victoria’s Secret Fashionshow 2014


Ciao dearies,

Yesterday the 2014 annual Victoria’s Secret show took place and although I have not seen everything yet (I am trying to not let all the photos and social media posts spoil the actual airing of the show) I am adoring all the things I did see so far!

And that’s why, as I am going to London tomorrow, and buy myself some fancy lingerie, I wanted to share some Victoria’s Secret inspiration with you all!

These are some of the favorite looks or moments I saw so far and well, I just can’t wait to see the actual show on TV next week!

Are you just as excited as I am?!


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Event: VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out


Photos by me, Anita & Wendy

Goodmorning lovely followers!

Last week I attended the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out in Amsterdam and I really had a great time! During the evening I met a lot of fellow bloggers, did some (window) shopping and besides that I also got to know some new brands / shops. Overall the evening was great and I did a lot of fun things! Let me tell you more about the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out after the read more button!      


With fellow bloggers Anita from Fashion Attack, Wendy from FabulousStyleWS and Kevin from the Viewfinder! 

At the beginning of the evening Fashionista’s were already shopping at the PC Hoofdstraat when a cool double-decker bus drove through the streets of Amsterdam (started from the Bijenkorf at the Dam) with on top of the bus a lot of models and Karin Swerink, chief editor of the Dutch Vogue. The Vogue Warehouse was opened where you could buy various VOGUE branded items, for example the VOGUE FNO 2013 tee! 

Photo from

Various shops and brands, for example Oger, tried to get attention for their brand by having models walking through the FNO area, doing crazy fitness on the street or had models posing at the store entrance. Fashion really was, all over the place! ๐Ÿ˜€

You could get free drinks and food almost at every store and a lot of store also had a DJ present playing the latest hits. Almost everything was possible this evening!

You could even go on pictures almost everywhere and some of the shoots also had visagie included! For example, I had a shoot for my own VOGUE cover! ๐Ÿ˜€

As you can see I really had a lovely evening and I would really recommend the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out events to everyone who can join this event! It is a lot of fun, great shopping with some nice discounts & goodies, getting pictures taken of you in a shoot or just on the street because you have such a nice outfit, haha, and not to mention you have a lot of cool competitions where you can win with your fashionable look or brains! 

Have you ever been to a VOGUE FNO? If yes what did you think of it? 
Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this event report! 

xo Saranda