Trend report: Festival fashion, get ready

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Good morning / Good afternoon!
I’m still a bit sleepy because yesterday I had an amazing day at the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event with the fabulous powerwomen Negin Mirsalehi, Linda Tol and Yara Michels. All of these bloggers are such an inspiration for me but Yara and Linda are also huge examples for me business and career wise!

Today I want to share this trend report collage with you, Ibiza / boho festival outfits are totally hot right now! The festival season has started already and if you have not gotten your full festival look yet you should definitely check out some of these items you can see above.

Personally I would love to have the palm printed jeans, the mint skirt from BOHO, those pretty bracelet from OOAKjewelz and that cool free spirit tank!If you are still looking for the perfect festival bag the Mochilas from My Mochila by Isabelli are the perfect festival bags! Since a couple of weeks I am working at Isabelli as summer intern and so far I have already learned a lot and it is a lot of fun as well! I am so happy ๐Ÿ˜€ Soon we will also start selling metallic temporary tattoos called Bohotats to finish your festival looks! Don’t forget to check out our websites and facebook page! ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you guys think of this festival fashion collage?

xoxo Saranda

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MAGIC bodyfashion review & surprise


magic bodyfashion bra review giveaway sarandipity fashion blog

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I got an email from MAGIC Bodyfashion, a company who designs and sells different shapewear items and magic lingerie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since I have never found the right strapless/backless bra, I decided to review two different bra’s. I was excited to try these two bra’s, but meanwhile I was crossing my fingers that they would fit well and would stay in place where they belong.

Let me be honest, I am blessed with a pretty big bust and therefore I usually have some trouble finding the right bra. 

When the bra’s came in I really was surprised by the packaging, both of the bra’s come in a very cool box. On the back and sides of the box there are instructions for applying the bra’s. Besides that on the packaging you can also find information on how to clean the bra’s, what the effect of the bra’s should be and the size. 

Read on for the full review and a surprise! ๐Ÿ˜€ 


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magic body fashion bras review wing amazing
MAGIC Bodyfashion send me two different bra’s, the wing bra (upper one) and the amazing bra (lower one). As you can see the wing bra has ‘wings’ on the side and the amazing bra is a bra with only silicone adhesive cups. 

The wing bra is a balconette-form bra and is described as: “Seamless, strapless, backless and wireless smooth molded cups to life and support the breast.” On the back of the wing bra packaging is a warning for people with skin problems or skin allergies. Oh dear, was my first reaction since my skin is very sensitive. 

The amazing bra is very simple and is describes as: “Backless, strapless and invisible. Well let’s see. 

I first tested the amazing bra. Unfortunately this bra does not come in a D cup, but I still really wanted to try since sometimes C cup does fit. 

review amazing bra backless invisible sarandipity

This is the result in a backless dress while wearing the amazing bra. As you can see it’s pretty invisible and I can wear a dress that leaves my back butt naked ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

My findings:
It was not that easy for me to apply the bra. I managed to apply both the cups in a way that they would not connected right. The gap between the cups also looked like it was a bit to tight for the closure. The bra fits pretty well for a C cup, but I do think a D cup would fit better for me. The adhesive material does not irritate and everything stays where it should be. I was pretty afraid the bra would easily just fall of haha, but this did not happen. With this bra you can probably wear almost anything except a dress with a very low cut decollete (or you should not care about the front closure being visible than you could even wear it that way). The bra was easy to remove but did leave my skin a bit red, which is not that strange. Cleaning this bra was very easy and was done within less than a minute. 

This bra is totally invisible
Cup C even suitable for a small D cup
Easy removal
Easy cleaning

Not as easy to apply
Not available in cup D or larger (which maybe makes sense because of the next thing)
Does not give any support
You might feel a bit uncomfortable the first time you wear it (afraid it might fall of)

Now for the wing bra. This bra does come in a D cup and promises to life and support the breast. I can’t wait to find out! 

review wing bra fashion backless support blogger saranda

This is the result in a backless dress while wearing the wing bra. As you can see it’s less invisible than the amazing bra, but I do like this side view more. 

My findings:
This bra was slightly easier to apply than the amazing bra but still it was not as easy as I hoped. I had a little bit of trouble applying the bra in a way that both sides fitted the same. 
Just as with the amazing bra I noticed a pretty big gap between my breasts. Therefore the bra needed some more firm pressing to make the bra stick good at all the points of the adhesive material. Besides this the bra fitted very well. At the beginning I was slightly worried the adhesive material would come of my skin when dressing up. Therefore I suggest you first but on as much clothes as possible before applying an adhesive bra (all of them). 
The bra is less invisible than the amazing bra but in exchange it does give my bust more support and make them look like I am wearing a normal t-shirt bra. With this bra I would not suggest to wear a total backless dress, but you can still wear one with a low back. The bra was easy to remove but again left my skin a bit red-ish and now also sticky. Cleaning this bra was a bit more work than the amazing bra, but it still was a piece of cake ;).

Comes in a D cup
Gives great support
Looks like a normal t-shirt bra
No adhesive material at nipples
Comes in different colors
Easy removal
Easy cleaning

Not as easy to apply
Wings need a very firm press (else it will let loose)
Not totally invisible 
Not hypoallergenic

wing bra magic body fashion favorite product review blogger

I really like both of the bra’s. The amazing bra for it’s total invisibility and the wing bra for it’s support. But I felt more confident wearing the wing bra, since the wings gave me a feeling of security. 

Both of the bras are available through the website of MAGIC bodyfashion. The amazing bra costs โ‚ฌ49,99 and the wing bra costs โ‚ฌ39,99

Now for the big surpise! I can give one of you a wing bra in C cup ๐Ÿ™‚ 
You probably now how it works, take the steps as shown in the Rafflecopter and tell me the things you did through the Rafflecopter ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The giveaway is open for readers from Europe only. 

Good luck lovely followers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What to wear with Kingsday?

Kingsday what to wear style fashion sarandipity mode inspiration outfit look orange holland the netherlands

Morning lovely followers… <3

Woohoo, it’s almost Kingsday and so it’s time for a inspirational what to wear blogpost. 
Kingsday is about celebrating King Willempie’s, hihi, birthday and because it is the first Kingsday ever I am going to go to a pretty cool party. Yay! 

But what will I wear? I personally don’t like orange very much and I also am not the type to dress up in a red/white/blue attire haha. So I made these two looks above which will show you a bit more about what I would like to wear this Kingsday. 

First is the pretty comfy look with a festival proof soft orange shorts, sunset Nike Roshe run, orange jewelry and a simple white blouse. This look is perfect for walking, dancing, jumping around. The perfect outfit to celebrate Kingsday if you ask me! On the right is the second outfit, much more of a cute / sexy outfit. This outfit again is pretty basic but the cute box clutch, tiara and fierce orange heels make this look very feminine and sexy. I really love this outfit but probably it’s not the best look to wear when going to an outdoor Kingsday festival haha. These look is more suitable for a nice barbecue, simple get together with friends or when you go to a lounge themed party (one where you can sit down) ;). But hey, you could wear this outfit probably just as easy with the sunset Nike Roshe run… Right?! 

What do you think of these looks? And which of the two would you wear or which combination would you make? 

Have a happy Tuesday!

xoxo Saranda

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Trend report: Flower power

Flower print trend fashion styling floral sarandipity blog

Good morning lovely followers,

Today I would like to talk a bit about the Flower power trend going on right now. In the stores you see a lot of pastels, flared items and also a lot of flower prints or structures. Personally I like the flower structures the most. Those items really remind me of the Spring/Summer Burberry Prorsum collection, which I loved! I am sure Burberry has been a big inspiration and example for a lot of shops and brands, naturally.

The flower print trend is hot, just like the palm print trend I talked about last Sunday. Both of these are pretty striking prints. So when you go shopping for floral or palm printed items keep in mind that your look should also have some peaceful basic items as well. 

For example you could combine the black skirt, the denim shorts and the right shorts with a white blouse. If you are a true dare devil you can try to combine multiple prints. But I suggest to always have a stable base within your total look.  My favorite items from the collage above are the shorts and skirts, to me these would be the most easy and versatile to combine.

What do you think of the floral print? 

xoxo Saranda 

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PS: Doe je al mee met mijn winactie in samenwerking met Treatwell?

Trend report: California Palmtree’s

California Palm prints coachella fashion blog style blogger sarandipity spring summer trends

Good morning! 

Today I would like to share one of my last obsessions and a big trend right now. Palm prints!! I really like palm prints since they make every item look more exotic. This print is perfect for the spring and the summer. 

Being honest, I have not yet bought something with palm print for my spring / summer 2014 wardrobe… However I have some pretty cool items on my mind which I would love to have! 

Palm prints always make me think of sunny California and now also Coachella. I would still really love to go to that festival some day. Fingers crossed I can make that dream come true ^^

My favorite item from the things you can see above is the white shorts with green palm print. Of course I love all the other items as well haha. Which item is your favorite??

Have a lovely Sunday, ciao!

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