Denim is the new black – Outfit post

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Ciao ragazzi,

Today I am talking about denim, essential items from denim which everyone should have. For example the denim jacket! Not without a reason I say that Denim is the new black! Denim is timeless as I have learned at the #DenimtheNewIcons event in the designer outlet Roermond!

In this outfit I am wearing my personalized Pepe Jeans jacket which I won in a contest from Fashiolista! I really love how it states my blog name: Sarandipity and symbolises my personality, the things I am working on or the things I am looking to add more of in my current life.

The koi fish represents strength, the power of perseverance, luck and the power to fight setbacks. The lotus flower is a very important flower within the Buddhist and Hindu religions/cultures. To me this special flower, which grows from the mud to the surface, stands for purity, spiritual awakening, growth and faith or faithfulness.

With the focus on this special denim item I tried to keep the rest of my look more clean, black. While denim is the new black, we should not forget that black is still a perfect color for a clean and basic look. Black should never be underestimated and the same goes for denim!

My full look consists out of my Pepe Jeans denim jacket (Thanks to Fashiolista!), H&M tanktop, H&M pantalon, DUO leatherboots, MARMA Sunglasses, BL’QE Geneve bracelets and IKKI watch.

Let me know what you think of my look in a comment!


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Look into the mirror – Outfit post


fashion blog sarandipity outfit ootd mirrored sunglasses marma london eyewear

Happy Saturday dear followers,

How are you all doing? Last week has been pretty busy and hectic but it has been great as well. On Tuesday I had a very exciting meeting with the owners of bckspace| Eyewear. This is a glasses and sunglasses store in the Herenstraat in Amsterdam which sells the most gorgeous glasses and sunnies. To me normal glasses are not necessary and so I mostly looked at all the beautiful sunglasses I was surrounded with. The most fabulous part of this store and the way they work? Everything they sell and do has a story or reason to it and I just love that. So this store does not sell the common sunglasses brands like Ray-Ban, nope. Eye Respect only has high end brands in store, for example Oliver Goldsmith who once designed the Manhattan sunglasses (the favorite sunglasses from Audrey Hepburn) How cool is that? I think it’s pretty darn cool. 

Now for the outfit I am wearing, it’s pretty simple actually and I just happen to like simple some days. I am wearing Marma London eyewear sunglasses (a little bit more about those later in this post), a blouse and belt from MANGO, jeans from C&A and my favorite H&M heels. 

Let me know what you think of this look and read on if you want to know some more about this pair of sunglasses 😉

Ciao fashionista’s!!

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PS: Niet vergeten om mee te doen met mijn winactie in samenwerking met Treatwell!

fashion blog blogger sarandipity casual outfit
fashion style sunglasses white blouse cold shoulder
A little bit more about the sunglasses. First of all I have loved aviator sunglasses for a pretty long time and I think I found the right ones, finally. This pair of mirrored sunglasses is from a pretty young brand that launched in 2010. Marma is a brand who has the purpose to make high quality opticals and sunglasses available for everyone: from the fashion conscious to the vintage and luxury lover, pleasing ophthalmic lenses wearers as well, in every situation. Well these glasses do look very fashionable, are totally hot right now and they feel very luxurious as well.

I am in love, and you? What do you think of these glasses?

fashion blogger long bob aviator mirrored sunglasses marma

ootd outfit casual white blouse jeans heels
fashion style blog fun ikki watch marma glasses blonde
outfit ootd details sunglasses watch belt mango ikki marma

Photos made by Kelly from We Heart Fashion <3