YSL Manifesto l’elixir


Hi dear followers,

A few weeks ago I won the YSL Manifesto l’elixir perfume on twitter! I was and still am sooo happy with it! I already knew how the perfume smelled, because a while a go the fragrance was in the Dutch VOGUE and it really also lasted really long. I still remember myself smelling the pages of my VOGUE magazine haha. I waited a while and had not bought the perfume yet since I always try to first use up my old stuff before buying new ones. No matter how much I am being triggered by the smell. 

The fragrance is sweet and also has a little bit of naughty / sexy and curiousity in it… Well I am no perfume expert’or beauty blogger so, this is just how I personally see it! ๐Ÿ™‚If you are looking for a cool gift for on your wishlist, this perfume should really be on it!