Review: & Lady Gaga case


Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I received a great case for my iPhone from the dutch webshop is a webshop specialized in iPhone, iPod and iPad cases or sleeves but also sells other accessories and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 & S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

So first I am going to show you the lovely case I got!
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So as you can see I chose this great white Lady Gaga case! I chose this one because the case looks plain white but actually has a prisma effect on the back which gives it that special effect and that little bit of glamour! 

I really love my new iPhone case, it suits very well on my phone (it is a hardcase which I normally don’t prefer) and it doesn’t make my phone look thicker or larger (which is normally the case with soft cases, so that’s the reason I had to try a hardcase ;)). The case looks lovely and I am in love with the prisma effect! Besides the prisma effect the case also has Lady Gaga’s signature as a detail on the button side, I love it! 

As I opened the packaging I found out there was not only a hardcase in the package, I also got some cool extra’s (a screenprotector including stuff to put it on and two home button stickers): 

And this is what the case looks on my iPhone 4S! I have some trouble capturing the prisma effect on the photo but you do see it a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Now about iPodhoes! 

The webshop is doing very well in my opinion! The webshop has won one of the Thuiswinkel Awards (a dutch price for good and reliable webshops)! 

Some of the best features from the webshop are the prices of their products (lower than I have seen on other webshops), the ordering and delivery process (if you order before 21:30, your order will be send the same day and you will receive it the next day!), their HUGE assortment and their discount actions (I really saw some cool stuff for lovely prices!)! I also think it is great that you have a lot of ways to pay for your order without paying extra! For example you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, iDEAL, Bank transfer and also with Paypal. 

Besides that the webshop is very clear so you can quickly find the case you are looking for. 

Over all I have had a great experience with this webshop and I will go back to this webshop for more if I ever need a new case or I want to buy some handy accessories for my iPhone!