Denim on Denim – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

Today in Holland it’s Liberation day, a day in which we celebrate how we won back our freedom as a country after the second world war. Probably non of my readers have lived through this war but you might have been in contact with other wars or struggles your country has been in. Today I am extra grateful for the freedom given to usΒ by ourΒ great-grandparents and everything who fought for freedom during this horrible war. I hope that, who you are, wherever you are, that you are free and that you may enjoy your freedom. That you have freedom of speech, freedom of your thoughts, religion and lifestyle. If you are not, I pray for you to receive the freedom you deserve <3

Now about my look. It’s not rebellious, it has not much to do with freedom except for the freedom to express myself…

A denim on denim outfit this time. A denim jacket with a meaning, my own made up term Sarandipity (Serendipity + Saranda) a koi carp and a lotus flower. The meaning of these symbols together: “Lotus flowers are commonly depicted in tattoos. These flowers grow in a muddy pond but develop into a beautiful flower which is much loved. The lotus is often paired with a koi which can take on a variety of meanings. This tattoo may represent purity, struggle or a change in life. The lotus with the koi may also represent struggle, determination or inevitable success.” Quote

In this outfit I am wearing my personalized denim jacket by Pepe Jeans, a white blouse from H&M with underneath it a blue t-shirt bra from Victoria’s Secret, denim jeans from WE Fashion, bag from VANS and chelsea boots from ASOS.

What do you think of this denim on denim outfit?! Let me know in a comment πŸ™‚


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Feeling sky high – Outfit post


fashion blog portret baby blue blouse primark pastels fabmejewelry

Hi lovely followers,

Sorry for my little absence but I am super busy with finding my dream job (more about that later) and so I sometimes feel a bit to tired to blog. But I will try to keep you guys updated a little better, I promise!

Today I want to show you an outfit with a pair of shoes that were on my wishlist for a very long time… I finally got my white Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers and I adore them! They are the perfect sneakers for a small girl like me who loves to wear heels and love to wear sneakers as well haha πŸ˜‰ 

Although the look is pretty basic and very casual I think the secret wedge sneakers and the jewelry give this look that little bit extra which it needed. Accessories can always upgrade an outfit if you ask me and sometimes all it takes is a nice necklace.

In these photos I am wearing my new Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers, ONLY distressed jeans, Primark blouse, necklace and golden earrings from FabMe Jewelry (#spon), gifted pearl earrings and my Fossil watch. 

What do you guys think of this look? 

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fashion blog outfit ootd look nike only primark fabmejewelry
fashion blog portret baby blue blouse primark pastels fabmejewelry fossil
fashion blog outfit ootd look nike only primark fabmejewelry

nike dunk sky high white fashion blog sarandipity outfit ootd blogger
fabmejewelry fashion blog sarandipity blogger shapeways 3d printing

fabmejewelry fashion blog sarandipity blogger shapeways 3d printing

nike dunk sky high primark only fabmejewelry ootd outfit fashion blog sarandipity casual

Event: Levi’s Revel jeans


Hi everyone!

Last Tuesday was a hectic night, not only did I go to the event but I also went to the Levi’s Revel Jeans pop-up store in Amsterdam where I got to meet dutch blogger Lizzy van der Ligt! At the event you could get professional advice about which jeans shape fits you best, you could get your make-up done and we had the chance to buy our own Levi’s Revel jeans with discount. 

Unfortunately after trying like 5 different jeans I didn’t find the one for me just yet. Which means I need to go back to the Levi’s store someday soon (I am in high need of a couple perfect fitting jeans haha). The event was fun and it was great to meet a blogger who inspires me a lot! I love Lizzy’s style and her blog is great as well, you can visit her blog HERE! I was a bit disappointed by not finding the right jeans and I think the little pop-up store was a bit to crowded although I thought the event was quite exclusive…  Over all a good night with great people and some new experiences! πŸ™‚ 

Click on read more to see some pictures of the event! xoxo Saranda

Of course the Levi’s Revel pop-up store is all about…. jeans πŸ˜‰

The Levi’s Revel jeans! It fitted perfectly around my waste, butt and my thighs but since I am so short I needed length 30 instead of length 32… Unfortunately that length size was not available… Boohoo πŸ™ So, in the first picture you can see a little bit more detailed how the jeans is made and on the second photo you also see a little bit more of the pop-up store πŸ™‚  

Together with Lizzy van der Ligt and the girls!!

Thanks Lizzy and Levi’s for this nice event! It was great to meet you and to try out the Revel jeans! πŸ™‚

Jeans, lace, studs and flowers – Outfit post


Good evening!

It’s time for a new outfit post! This time with a relaxed distressed jeans, lace flats, a lot of pink, golden studs and a scarf with flower print. I really like this look because of the summer colors. A great look for when you are a day on the road, when it is to cold for a skirt or a short but to hot to wear a lot of layers. The look is a bit sweet, but has a little bit of a though twist because of the distressed jeans, the golden studs and the necklace.

I am wearing; Distressed jeans from Only, Pink blouse from Coolcat, Scarf from V&D, Lace flats from H&M and the necklace is from Oasap. Please let me know in the comments what you think of this look!