Leather and flowers – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies!

How are you doing? It’s weekend and I am working from 12 to 5 today. Last week when Britt was in Eindhoven we shoot multiple looks and today I want to show you outfit 2 of three!

This time a look with leather and flowers! I am in love with this jacket from the Zara (which is actually Britt’s) and this boots from Invito (also Britts haha). I already wore the jeans and the top from the H&M Coachella collection but I missed something when I paired it with my own boots. I thought about wearing the top with a leather jacket but at the moment I don’t have a nice leather jacket myself so I was very happy to be able to wear it in this combination thanks to Britt πŸ˜‰

I think that by wearing this flowery top with a jeans and a leather jacket and boots the outfit gets a whole new look compaired to when I would wear the H&M Coachella top with more summer like items!

What do you think of this leather and flowers outfit?

In this outfit I am wearing a jacket from Zara (borrowed from Britt), H&M coachella top, WE fashion jeans, leather boots from Invito (borrowed from Britt). I am very curious to hear your opinion!


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Don’t bottle up – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi,

Today I want to show you a new outfit and talk a bit of how I am feeling lately… I am happy and everything is going pretty well I guess, except for the fact that I lack energy. I am procrastinating my work for my blog while I actually enjoy it so much! Maybe it is because I just need to get back into my regular blog schedule (3 outfits a week and so on) or maybe it is something different… I am quiet busy with working at H&M, thinking about starting my company and worry about what the future will bring me.

I have a lot of different ambitions and one of them is to build my blog into something more. Besides that I still want to get my masters degree, in something that I really really like to do (fashion communication and media or something) and I really would like to have a longer abroad experience (Italy got me and stole my heart, but I think that is pretty much clear for everyone of you reading my blog haha).

As I am a huge worrier and sensitive person I decided to try to not bottle up anymore (niks meer opcroppen ;)) From now on I am trying to change my mentality, to look more to the bright and positive side and just make the best out of it… And besides that hopefully saving up money quickly to go abroad for a year! I am trying to let go and lose my pessimistic views some more. Let’s see what’s in the cards for me!

With this outfit I try to reassemble my feeling of bottling up (in Dutch it’s called opkroppen) by wearing a pastel pink satin cropped top and a jacket that is opened, loosely hanging over my shoulders to protect me from the wind but open for new views and opportunities.

I am wearing: Jacket from Mango, Top and bottom from Boohoo.com, Boots from Invito (borrowed from Britt because I loved how they made this look a little bit more raw) and my current regular jewelry.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you have any tips to let go a bit more just leave them in the comments!

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Invito Spring/Summer 2014 collection and VIP surprise


Hi everyone,

Since a couple of days it is officially spring and I would like to celebrate that fact! Yesterday you could have read that spring and summer are my favorite seasons and heck yeah! I am ready for it! πŸ˜€

I already have some cool things planned for next month, a meeting with a (sun)glasses company, a day out to an amusement park with friends and a huge Kingsday party with my boyfriend and friends. Next month will be so much fun, I can’t wait ^^

For now I wanted to share the Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook from Invito with you all.
Invito has a very cool new collection and I am sure some of you will love it. So far I think my favorites are going to be the VANS sneakers!

Which one is your favorite?
Click on read more for an extra surprise πŸ˜€

xoxo Saranda

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Tomorrow evening it’s VIP shopping night at most of the Invito stores! 

Print out this invitation and show it at the cashier when buying your new spring shoes! ^^ 

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go but I really hope I can make one of you fashion addicts very happy with this invite.

Happy shopping!! πŸ™‚

shopping vip discount korting invito fashion shoes sarandipity blog

These boots are made for walking


fashion blog saranda walgaard blogger inspiration streetstyle ankle boots
Photo from SimonaMar.com

These boots are made for walking

Hi everyone!
Today I want to tell you a bit more about my favourite shoes, ankle boots. I have quite a lot of them actually. In almost every look I am wearing ankle boots. I really like these type of shoes because they fit with a lot of different outfits and the ones I have are comfy as well!
At the moment I have two black ankle boots, the ones from H&M and the ones from the Zara. Also I have the burgundy ankle boots from Ecco and then I have another pair from Bullboxer which are red-ish brown but unfortunately one of the heels looks like it can break of any minute so I don’t dare to wear them L
I would love to have some more ankle boots, for example ankle height biker boots with a low block heel. My guess is that such boots are super comfy! When I went on a search for some cool biker boots I found a couple of gorgeous boots!
Do you have a lot of ankle boots? And if so, which pair is your favourite?

As I said I think that ankle boots are very easy to match with an outfit. For example the outfits below where I am wearing my favourite two pairs of ankle boots! J

fashion blog saranda walgaard blogger inspiration streetstyle ankle boots
fashion blog saranda walgaard blogger inspiration streetstyle ankle boots
Photo from Katiquettestyle.blogspot.com, look how she styled her cool biker boots!

These are some of the lovely boots I found online at INVITO! I am in love with the top right biker boot and the bottom left heels from Steve Madden! Which pair do you think I should add to my ankle boots collection?

Pair one
, pair two the biker boots I am in love with, pair three the heels from Steve Madden or the last pair with a wedgeheel?

Let me know in a comment!
fashion blog saranda walgaard blogger inspiration streetstyle ankle boots